aimartan's faces!


Reserve Team
This is my second face's pack for here! And here are some i made faces which i love.Through o-edit,the players not only made by the face's pictures,but also made the hairs,that's all. Thanks iamjames to help me!
Enjoy yourself! I am aimartan!
but here ,i want ereryone to help find the maxi lopez 'face piacure ,need good



Reserve Team
big al said:
he also took my first version of de rossi; and also that gilardino face is made by IamJames; but no worrys; ill just get even by borrowing that de rossi hair for my second version.

oh ,sorry ,i didn't list some faces'first author,but if you download ,you will find edit something what you can't see here , like the 3d model,o-edit.
and the de rossi and gilardino's hairs are i made,so i release the face'sfack,
please mind on these!but i want to thanks the authors here,really!
and i want to say the deeply sorry to you !