[ALL] Lets play a game


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I'm not going to make a guess, but as I am now on my own PC, I have the picture to prove Cody was right... (although he did spell Djorde wrong ;))


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Originally posted by Dazmania
yay, now its my go:
must be Aki Riihilahti(OMG what a hell of a name :) ) saw him when I was with Sheffield United playing against Crystal Palace


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yeah thats the guy! i only really picked him because of his name! and i actually saw him play for palaces aaages ago, against huddersfield i think :confused:


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allright, allright I know it wasn't a minute but here the new one is(screenie was taken in the beginning of season 04/05 so at the start he's 20):


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hahaha! omg! im shocked! lmao, i thought of Left midfielders in england who were right footed. That was the only person i could think of! Ok ill do mine in a bit