All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]


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^his contract with adidas ended and they decided not o renew it, he then started wearin puma's on his own, not sponsored.

read it somewhere, for got the link


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Ashley Cole changed boots again. Now he wears the Nike CTR360

He also wore these today against Aston Villa in Premier League.


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Nonelito;2703269 said:
@AlienSeafood - Just for the show or for precision. Dunno how or why but I think so. :)

A few pics of the future Predators. They look like an old model. :clapwap:

And just in case the horrid look of them wasn't bad enough, we now have confirmation of the worst named boot, ever. Gentlemen: the adidas Predator X. Seriously, you know what this reminds me of? Johnny Xtreme


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Rene Adler with new Adidas TrueStrike!

Michael Ballack:






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Now these really are the WORST Predators ever doubt about that. U used to be a huge fan of the preds, but I guess this year is gonna be iTunits for me...


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The Beckham-Boots are nice!

Does anyone know the design of the "The OFFICIAL MATCH BALL OF THE 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP" ???

Sry, it's the wrong thread, but i cannot create a new one! ;)


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hey guys,
i found some new pics of the WC ball....leverkusen, hamburger SV and nürnberg are testing the ball...but it isn't clear if it's the final design!