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POST here your WE8 videos, movies, tricks, goals, matches etc. you'll find on the net
you can post you comments too but every message non containing vids will be deleted after few days up to one week to keep this place "ONLY VIDEOS" and help us in easy find valuable ones showing beautifulness of latest Konami game
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Promo DVD Featuring New Points In WE8:

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Gamplay Footage Showing Many Goals & Some Real Gameplay Footage
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Official Movies:

Video 1 (22/7/04)
Video 1 Mirror

Video 2 (23/7/04)
Video 3 (23/7/04)
Video 4 (23/7/04)
Video 5 (23/7/04)

Video 6 (26/7/04)

Video 7 (27/7/04)

Video 8 (28/7/04)

Video 9 (29/7/04)

Video 10 (30/7/04)
Video 11 (30/7/04)
Video 11 (30/7/04)


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Originally posted by Henry
New Video .
I think the Kick motion s*cks,

remember that it's in slow motion so it looks crappier, just like in WE7, if u watch things in slow motion, they don't look as nice as looking them on real time, so i believe the kick motion should look better

also remember that there are prolly other kick motion animations like in WE7, so this is only one of em...

*at least now these motions look realistic, not like in WE7, i hated the way penalties and free kicks looked....


Youth Team
Game Footage Showing Many Goals & Some Real Gameplay Footage
(Use download manager to download instead of stream):


I think its the 160mb clip streamed.


Starting XI
below movies I copied from my flashget download list, credits to all good ppl who uploaded them here and at evoweb (Y) :rockman:

tackle and no foul:

France-Poland first half match: (14 Mb)

long range shot:

another long range shot:

OMG!!! "La bona" shot!!! :rockman:

nice move:

cool new freekicks:

new feint:

HENRY!! SIATA! :rockman: (use quicktime to see it)

Pires dribble


PS. I'm deleting now all old comments from this thread, hope you don't mind you'll lose few posts ;) but when someone will check this thread he couldn't browse many pages of useless conversations to see vids

OK, use impression thread to discuss, if you'd like to comment some video, just quote it and paste it in impressions thread
post here only if you have some vid, thanx :)


Starting XI
Originally posted by Evoman
The penalty links are dead. Also the file with the .3gp extension doesn't seem to be read with quicktime or any other player. What type of extension is that?
works with quick time for me, work with real player for my mate
resume: update you players/codecs

NEW VIDS by users (some ppl can understand idea of sticky :rolleyes: so vids are in many random threads)

cool moves:




foul, slide tackle:


dribble & cross: