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I was thinking it would be really handy to put in one thread all of the league patches that people have made. I've searched around and found several, but it's so tedious to have to keep searching all over the place. The leagues that I have found are the following:

(by the way, if you install any of these, remember to back up all your present fifa files)

Czech Gambrinus Liga

Isreali Premier League

Ukraine Premier League

Bulgarian Premier League

Romanian Divisia A

Slovakian Corgon liga (i know, I thought it strange too)

Bosnian Premier League

Serbian Premier League (You have to join a serbian online soccer group to download it)

Turkey Super Liga (changes the language in the game to Turkish, and for some reason CC won't export any of the teams, what a bummer)

Greek (this is a beta version, only adds a couple of teams, not the entire league)

Credit for these goes to the original posters and those that created the patches.

After exporting all the teams from the above patches with CC, you could theoretically have just about half of the leagues that play for the Champions League and UEFA Cup. Big ones that are still missing are Russia and Poland.

If anyone is aware of any other leagues out there, please post them in this thread so they can be easily found...
i've made this a sticky, it's a good idea to have a thread whith the links to all the patches, it makes it easier instead of searching for them. Try to keep this threrad short and just post links to patches, and don't clog it up with comments, it will just defeat the purpose of it.


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i got the ukraine league to work.

You have to use your original eng.db file instead of the one the ukraine patch installs. Seems CC can't read russian...ha big shock there! I imagine if the russians make a patch for the russian league, we could run into the same problem.

What I did was use the fifa.db file from the ukraine install and the eng.db file from the original game, and it worked in CC. The league comes up under the Swedish league. The main problem is the team names and in-game logos all belong to the swedish league teams, so you have to change them. But the rosters all match up to the fontend team logos of the ukraine league. So I made some changes and it seems at least usable. The kits are all messed up. The minikits are correct, but the regular kits all belong to the swedish league, lmao.

So Anyway below is a link to a zip file with 14 teams from the league that I exported with some corrections and changes I made. I corrected all the logos and team names, and updated a couple of kits, but the kits are mostly incorrect. The rosters aren't exactly perfect, I used version 1.0 of the patch for some dumb reason (i wasn't expecting this to work).

You'll have to create a new league and import the files with CC, which means you won't have the Ukraine league in career mode, but it's better than nothing.


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I don't know if you can uninstall, I can't even get it to install properly, lol. It stalls out about halfway.

but if you backed up your fifa.db and eng.db files, just put those two files back where they belong and overwrite the ones installed by the russian patch and you should be ok again. Otherwise, reinstall fifa2005. (which is why you should always back up your fifa files anytime you install any patch)


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I've had no problem using most of them in CC. Except for the Turkey patch and the Russian patch (coz it's all in russian). All the other ones I've done I just open CC after install and the league appears there. Oh and the Serb and Ukraine ones you have to put the original eng.db file in to get them to work.


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Why i cant download??


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Has the Argentine and Colombian Leagues been created??

Just wondering if they are being worked on or where I could locate them. Thanks!!

Triple J.


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TripleJ185 said:
Just wondering if they are being worked on or where I could locate them. Thanks!!

Triple J.
The Argentinian league you can find it in
but you have to affiliate