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kristianj99;3241943 said:
Everytime I try to save it it says an unhandled exception has occurred in your application. How do i fix this?

Do you have Framework? Write at the support forum.


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alvaraj;3251444 said:
You are just jealous :)
It's sarcasm, of course, but you could be more polite.

Sorry mate, Not trying to be rude or anything, just saying.
Your kits aren't the best they are good but ive seen far better by others and quite a few


Youth Team
Tavadi;3252039 said:
alvaraj, one, how about Eindhoven and Dundee, you promised them in the first place.

if you had been more careful you wouldn't have asked this question, buddy
I said that I'll do it, when I pass all my exams. I finish them on 15 th of June. I kust had some time and some unfinisged works that I began before you even asked to make Dundee. So, I make it later