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I just got Back to Black, which I like, but I definitely find myself enjoying her two hits the most: "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good". I've heard that her debut album was better, but I'm not so sure, she definitely didn't hit it big in the US until Jay-Z did a verse on Rehab this past year.

Feelings on Wino's music?


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I don't wanna diss on her, but I really hate her voice and her druggy persona is a bit of a scumbag. The other Amy's better.

Try downloading "This Is The Life" by 20 yr old Scottish singer Amy Macdonald. Best debut I've heard for a long time. It's more acoustic rock or whatever they call it, but guarentee you'll like most of it if you give it enough listens. Consistent stuff, and she's really clean in personality & polite unlike Winehouse who currently can't even go to several countries cos of her drug problems.

Oh and Arctic Monkeys' cover of "You Know That I'm No Good" is ace.


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Shut the **** up, I didn't bring up your crappy artists, go start your own thread.

Yeah "clean personality", that obviously has something to do with musical ability. Go get your ******* shinebox.


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Yeah I know, she's talented as hell. I don't think her music is as catchy and fun as JT's, and I don't like it as much, but there's clearly more musical talent there.


well, from a singer point of view, i guess...i have to admit that she's one of those artists which i realize she has a great voice and does great songs, but she's just note my type...

nice to see her coke ass winning practically every Grammy though (H)


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SlayerDeuS;2484074 said:

Yeah that's sad. It's even sadder to see pictures of her literally smoking crack and then having a tooth knocked out the next day. She's clean right now apparently, hopefully she gets rid of that Blake guy (I think they're married) when he's in prison and never sees him again when he gets out. That guy is a BAAAAAAAAAD influence.


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Dislike her as a person but you asked about her music Shifty, and you're right, she's pretty good. Very unique and different, recommend people to have a listen (Y)