Andutzu'89 FF13 Faces


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andutzu89;3479882 said:
New face...this guy don't have good pics so only EA text's using

Thx guys;)


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Nice shaw, try to make his eyes more round if you can ;), as baroni considerd, that model is actually quite good, good text , and great base if you use him, update his eyes and mouth, and he will be fine.


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awsome very similiar mate u really good blender!. just need to make Reinartz jaw more wide look carefully on the photo that post by fcb


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Luke shaw is good, but only regarding the pic you used. in other pics he looks totally different..
(thinner, other nose shape, lips..)



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nice on . u used joe hart tex, right ?
u should delete the red dot near his eye brown, i think it belongs to joe hart. and fix lips too. anyway the model is good and some fix on tex will make this face awesome man !!