ankle tapes!!!


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can anyone make the ankle tape better

coz there are some player ex. Gerrard thath have small ankle tapes: and there are some other ones ex. Adebayor or C.Ronaldo that have long ankle tapes! if there is anyone that can change it??
it would be great


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hey mate theres a patch made by Interista that makes the ankle tape looking much better in the game,wait and i will post the link to it if i will find it ;)


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I cheked the players in CM08, they all have the same configuration....

I cheked the player in the game, the only diiference is the size of their leg...

And Adebayor and Ronaldo have fine legs... and the size of the ankle tapes are standard...

In my opinion nothing to do


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Guys, chill out here, you are behaving extremely childish and ignorant. This was a thread about ankle tapes not about which team is best in Italy. Keep that for the soccer forum.

As I recall this thread was put in the editing forum so stop all of this bashing. If you want to continue the conversation do it in the soccer forum and do it in a respectful way.

xMilAlbx, I'm glad you found what you were looking for ;) I hope you like the new tape. ;)


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what the HELL is wrong with you?????

ABY for the love of jesus, you had one guy kicked out of here coz he was insulting you and you doing the EXACT SAME BLOODY THING

next time i'll get BOTH banned out of here


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interista i know u have done some Awsome ankle tapes but i like them a bit larger... so can u remodel the ankle tapes? or maybe just to move them a bit down it would be better...

can anyone do it?