another face thread xD


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Dipanjan , I think you started a useless fight . From what I know , Arnau don't get nervous so easy , but it looks that you turned him on .

I wanna tell you that it's nothing wrong with his sig's something that creates a better atmosphere , like the one between friends . Except this , the fact that those guys are ugly doesn't mean that their value it's not the same so there is no reason to be angry about that .

An example : Michael Carlos*son is the biggest artist ever , cause he made things that no other artist ever made and will never do and he influenced almost every pop and r&b artist in this world ...with all this , people laugh about him sometimes . But that doesn't mean that is value is lower ...I mean damn , that man sold more than 25 millions with Thriller ...:mike1:

I hope you understand my point . Cheers ;)


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Very nice faces as usual, but I think I'd have preferred it if Ribery's eyes weren't quite so dark - although it does give him that frown he likes to wear. Very impressive 6-0 thrashing you guys handed out, btw... ;)