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Yeah I know I said I wouldn't start posting her soon but I had a look around in this thread I found the club that I was looking for: Sevilla FC. Some challenge but since they have lots of money it's not a very hard club to get into. So I decided to relive the days of Auxerre and started a thread about my Sevilla game. Here it is:

About 15.00, 25 July 2004, Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain. Fragment of Marca.

Unknown Dutchman appointed as Sevilla boss
It’s hot in southern Spain and somewhere near Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán there’s a director who is telling the gathered press about an surprise appointment of someone called Max van Deurzen. This Dutchman who has never been a trainer nor proffesional footballer is from now on the trainer of Sevilla’s proud(although Betis supporters say otherwise). Van Deurzen and his team should be able to stay in mid-table or perhaps even get european football. The director however sees van Deurzen as the perfect man for the job and said that ‘this ambitious club can move upwards with him’.

The transfer speculation are already rising. David Navarro is speculated as a possible signing for Sevilla. The 24 year old defender has become useless at Valencia and Sevilla might be a solution for him. Rumors say that a bid of about 1 million euros is already made. Also the German left back Bönig and young scotish striker McCormack are beeing linked with Sevilla.

Meanwhile Sevilla also played a friendly match. Sevilla won it with 2-1, thanks to 2 counter attack goals from respectively Fernando Sales and Ariza Makuluka. Kaiserlautern should have got atleast a draw and almost got that as substitute Nylan Hughes tapped in 2-1 but after 10 minutes of heavy pressure on Sevilla the referee blown his whistle.


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About 21:45, 16 August 2004, Belgium, Fragment of a local newspaper of Sevilla.

Sevilla friendly matches
Max van Deurzen and his team have completed their friendly match tour through Belgium. These are the results:

Veldwezelt v Sevilla 0-3
Virton v Sevilla 1-3
KV Mechelen v Sevilla 1-1
Sevilla v Benfica 0-1
Pontevedra v Sevilla 0-2

Over about a month the competition starts again against Getafe. Most likely the South-African talent Lebohang Mokoena will be added to the squad. The contract negotiations are almost done. If he signs he’s going to be the fifth signing of van Deurzen after Navarro(ex-Valencia), Bönig(ex-Bochum), McCormack(ex-Glasgow Rangers) and Legrottaglie(ex-Juventus).


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Originally posted by Zlatan
Max van Deurzen and his team have completed their friendly match tour through Belgium.

Sevilla v Benfica 0-1

BENFICA!?!?!?!! Can't say they were in belgium last time i looked...


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Yeah stupid newspaper.

But this is really what was in it, if you'd like I could send them an e-mail about this fault. :p :crazyboy:


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19 September 2004, A Corunã, Spain, Fragment of Marca.

3 in a row for Sevilla

Max van Deurzen’s Sevilla have started the season very well that has resulted to the leading position in La Liga. First Sevilla met relegation candidate Espanyol which they won easily thanks to an explosive Darìo Silva. Then in the UEFA cup they played the Finnish team HJK which was won with 2-0. But the most surprising win was against title chasers Deportivo. Although Deportivo dominated the first half Sevilla hit back in the second period. Until the 60th minute Deportivo was by far the best team but then when finally South-African talent Mokoena came free in the box and at the moment he wanted to shoot he was tackled; penalty. Fernando Sales put it away very nice in the left-hand corner; 0-1. Deportivo was hugely dissappointed and that resulted in the 72th minute for the second goal for Sevilla and the second goal of Fernando Sales. The right-winger powered in a screamer from about 20 meters out after Mokoena layed the ball back to him.
Ofcourse Max van Deurzen was very happy: ‘This was our best game we’ve played this season so far’ He said. On the question if he thinks he can hold on to the first place he answers: ‘No I don’t think so, Deportivo is just one of the many teams that can win the league. It’s hard to say but Sevilla isn’t one of them yet’
And that seams to be true because it’s indeed a bit unlikely that Sevilla F.C can hold on to this place.

edited some spelling faults, damn I should really email this newspaper :crazyboy:


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Yeah he sets out the lines on the midfield banging in a few in the proces.

New day, new story... here we go:

About 22:30, 30 September 2004, Helsinki, Finland, Fragment of a Finnish newspaper

HJK gets smacked by Spanish club Sevilla

The only Finnish club that was playing in the UEFA cup has been knocked in the first round. Sevilla won it comfortably without ever coming in danger. Having won in Sevilla with 2-0 Sevilla started the game already with a comfortable lead. Still there was some hope since HJK was not all crap in the first leg. But that hope was quickly turned down when Jesuli scored from just inside the area after only 2 minutes. 32 minutes later Darìo Silva scored 2-0. After that Sevilla never came into trouble although Koskinen scored a fluke goal from almost the byline. But Ariza Makukula fired in the 74th minute a goal in and HJK’s last spare of hope was knocked down.


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I finally found some time to play this game a little further

21 October 2004, Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain, Fragment of Marca

Surprising Sevilla smatch Rapid Vienna
Sevilla’s good form continues. The Austrian club Rapid Vienna is the newest victim of their splended form at the moment. Sevilla, 5th placed in La Liga, defeated Rapid Vienna with convincing numbers: 3-0. All the goals were made in the second half of respectively: Jesuli, Aranda and Julio Baptista. Especially the last goal was a very nice team goal finished by a fantastic shot from about 25 yards out. Baptista, Sevilla's captain, wasn’t very convincing in the last few matches but against Rapid Vienna he passed beautiful passes and if he were a bit more lucky he would’ve made more goals then just one. Jesuli also played very well, but that’s becoming quite usual seeing his performances of the past few weeks.

Sevilla’s coach still says that a mid-table place is their objective. But meanwhile Sevilla can be considered as challengers for the CL-spot. Van Deurzen: 'The season is still but a month old and there can happen alot in those months.'