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aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)


Senior Squad
ok..maybe converting is not the correct term since the whole process it more about replicating what i see in PES...still..I'm pretty happy with the result!


Club Supporter
Love the neymar. Work!

convert is possible maybe do Dutch league Eredivisie.
Almost every player doesn't look right.


Youth Team
WOW, fantastic Neymar!!! your first was 7.5/10, second 9/10 and this 10/10.


It's possible to convert PES faces to FIFA? There are a few faces that are a lot better in PES than in FIFA.. Pogba, Verratti, De Sciglio, Morata are far better in PES..


Youth Team
jeetmusic;3899280 said:
agree with vegasos.

fifa's version is childlike compared to PES.

PES Robben is amazing.. Wichanwoo made a very similar robben

+1 for Robben

And it would be great if you can convert Pogba and Morata!


Senior Squad
Thanks for the feed back guys! Unfortunately this is my last day off and I will be really busy in the next few weeks. I'll see what i can do in the next weekend. Untill then i have sent my latest faces to be released including this new version of Neymar for wich i did a little more tweaking on the model (reduces cheeks size to make it look less puffy, tweaked the semi-profile and reduced the head size to match the PES photo shoot-unfortunatelly i can not edit the bodyshape)