aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)


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jv1125;3903026 said:
Great Aguero and Turan!
Maybe after could you update Neymar's hair with colored tips?
No need to update face it looks great as is. 😊

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Neymar is changing his hairstyle constantly..

So maybe the best for Neymar is do something as Siel23 did with Pogba: aleatory hair.. (he made 4 different hairstyles and they have random appearances)


Youth Team
Vonnyaf;3903627 said:
ter stegen has a really good face already

Sorry but for me this is not a good face.. (fifa-left pes-right) (pes face is very bad..)

You maybe think TS have a good face but if you see him frecuently you will think it's not good.. (same case as firmino, origi.. there are a lot of versions of these players and users who usually watch them never are happy xD)