Any good 1st div players for 500k or less??


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I need some good midfielders for my QPR team in the 1st div. I'm currently 3rd at the half way stage but i doubt i can hold out.
Langley is out for 4 months :( , I need a good replacement. A good striker would be nice too.


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Feed off of the Portuguese clubs or loan loads of players.

Mikael Forsell would be good on-loan in Division 1.


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Esben Hansen, Lee Fowler, Mads Beierholm are good midfielders

Antti Sumiala is a good cheap striker and maybe you can sign
Vladimir Bestchastnykh, he's free transfer at the beginning.


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Jobi Mcanuff from Wimbledon, I had a bid of 500k accepted for him. I am Sporting Clube De Portugal aka Lisbon. :)

Also good potential ability of 170(good) In my game :D (H) :rockman: