Any tutorial of creating face mod for FIFA 22?


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Ey @lth19951021

Am no expert but, a good place to start shown on the video below.

I am also trying to find the best way to make good quality faces for free public.

From what I've seen the tools you have are whats being used. I do suspect there are better ways of making faces using other software other than shown in the video. Haven't figured it out yet.

No starhead/plugins found as yet.

I think you need to replace an existing face ID using your custom face/hair/beard etc in the editor tool, then export the modded project file to a .fmod file type. Import the .fmod file to FifaMod manager and launch Fifa through the modmanager. Once in the game use the LiveEditor/CheatTable to assign your generic head the modded face.

Visit the Fifa editor tool page, Aranactu Live Editor and Cheat Table forums for more info.
Please can you send other video this one got deleted?