Anyone for NFL Fantasy?


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10:00am draft on a Sunday. Oh boy. How many people do you have?

EDIT: No I'm sorry, I can't. I'm already in 3 plus a college one. This is going to be ridiculously time consuming as it is.


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I would have loved too but between the 2 I already m and the premier league prediction ones I got time jz really at a premium.
On top of that there is no cash involved and most importantly no Giggs Rox :(


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NFL or I'm down (H) which one do you recommend?? WE BETTER hurry thou season starts wednesday with my beloved Giants and the cowgirls. Let them talk some more.

edit: I just joined with all due respect Shifty and diesler stop being pussies and sign up for the SG CUP.

Sunday I'm completely free :D