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Done, I hope you are happy that because of you the hundreds of people who downloaded my mods will not be able to do it anymore, so now they can only download yours, good for you. Have a nice day :33vff3o:
There is nothing in your actions that makes me happy.
Uploading is your decision, not my decision Don't blame.Don't pass the buck.
If it was justifiable, act on it.


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I repeat I have no desire to justify myself either with you or with anyone else, I have better things to do, however when someone throws an accusation it should at least explain how the accused would have done. I don't want to have anything else to do with this community (it's no coincidence that there are only a couple of modders left for this game) and if possible, I ask the admin to delete this thread, thanks and good day


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Well, thread closed on @APasZ request.
If you want it to be reopened, I'll do it.

As far as accusations go, in this case it's hard to prove whether someone is stealing or not unless you both post your textures (or send them to one of the mods/admins) so we can have a look and decide on it.

I don't know either of you personally so I can't say for sure if someone is lying or not.
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