Argentina WC Signature Request ...


El Merengue Argentino
Hi everybody :ewan:

I was wondering if someone could make me an Argentina sig.

maybe put the AFA logo or our colors or something like that...

I'd like either Riquelme of Messi or both in the signature, please put RUSI

uhmm, be creative and original if you can

I'll be very appreciative, thank you very much :rockman:

I'll try to find some pics


El Merengue Argentino
Yeah, I know man, the one I have is classic, but it has cursed both teams on it:p I figure I'll get a different one for the World Cup :)

I meant to say something about your sig (Y) very nice


Fan Favourite
Anything you want changed, just ask :)

Lighter version:



El Merengue Argentino
Thanks guys very nice :D I forgot about this thread

Sorry if it is bad to make an Argentina sig with both of you being English :p

I really like your's SlowSilver, I don't want to sound like an ass, but do you think you can try with another pic.

And can you also re-post the lighter version because it isn't working for me...

I really like them

Here's one I found...

and if that doesn't work, there's a Messi one I found

thanks a lot and sorry for the confusion, I owe you one...