Arsenal F.C. Thread [2011/12]

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If they sign Modric, I'm pretty sure Ozil place is safe, so Sahin will be fifth choice after Alonso, Modric, Khedira and Laas.

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Yeah Lass is going. I can understand why Sahin would be pissed off because it seemed from the way his transfer was heralded that he could have expected to play a much greater role in his first season. A loan move to Arsenal would probably suit him, whether he wants to leave Madrid or not, because if he does he can use it as a chance to demonstrate his abilities to potential buyers. Don't think it would suit Arsenal though, you cant build an improving squad when you have on loan players in your first team.


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ShiftyPowers;3278786 said:
I think Lass is going to Milan.

Seems like such a Milan transfer.

When young he was at a few big clubs but was never a superstar. In his later years with many seasons under his belt he carries over to Milan. Not spectacular physically.


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I would say they still do, despite the Pato, Gattuso and Cassano serious issues last year, the latter two were unpreventable and freak occurrences and I think Pato is a complete lost cause and just not cut out to be a professional athlete


Cazorla deal almost done, apparently! Now THAT'S a buy. Arsenal's very own, right-footed answer to David Silva. And Sahin, too! If he could manage a injury-free season it would be awesome. Wow, if these go through I'd be amazed and perhaps overly excited!


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Wow, Carzola is a great buy for Arsenal. + Sahin would be amazing. We seem to have a slight increase of depth for this season.


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Yes!!! we are deep in midfield and attack(if Robin still somehow stays). I would say that on paper it is only 2nd to Citeh.

We are very much weak in full back positions but this summer with Poldi,Giroud,Cazorla and hopefully Sahin on loan is exciting. Hopefully we don't lose ANY of the first teamers- not even Theo. Would be ecstatic if we got a decent LB as well and Santos seems to be playing on the wings.

We are also missing another CB but- and this might sound crazy- but I think its time we put some faith in Miquel to compete in the first team. He is impressive every time I have seen him. Has very good composure,tall,good footballer and pretty intelligent with his decisions as a defender. I am hopeful of Bould helping out Vermaelen as well but I hope we give Miquel a chance-he just might be the partner Koscielny is missing.


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If you do get Sahin I think RvP should seriously consider staying. I think Arsenal is closer to winning the Champions League than Juventus. Can anyone give a prospective lineup?

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Pretty good! Kind of makes the Poldi and Giroud signings look wasteful though.
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