Arsenal FC Thread [2012/13]

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FA withdraw Arsenal appeal

FA withdraw Arsenal appeal] FA announced its refusal to Arsenal Giroux red card appeal, Giroux will be suspended for three games, opponents are Manchester United (main) Queens Park Rangers (Away), VictoriaGang Athletic (master). Giroux this season, which means that only can take part in the Battle of the riding and Newcastle (Away)


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[Wenger: Cazorla selected season should be the best team] in the last week PFA vote the best team of the 2012-13 season, Arsenal no one selected. Many people think that Cazorla should be dominant place, Wenger also expressed their support for their beloved disciples: "I'm sure he was very close to the All-NBA in my mind, to his performance, fully worthy of selected this lineup to see if he creates opportunities and assists, should also selected. "


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We got a good result today, Chelsea beating Spurs would've been perfect, but a draw is decent.

The best thing for us would be to pulverize Wigan this weekend and hope Newcastle pick up a point against whoever they play, that'd mean Newcastle would have nothing to fight for on the final day. Obviously Stoke beating Spurs would be perfect but we can't worry about that.




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Over the weekend, I read that Arsenal had made a bid for Suarez. the offer was for 32mil I think.

If true, It would seem Arsenal do want to get a trophy this year or the next.

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Also Suarez said in an interview "it is good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal" which, if FM has taught me anything, is player speak for "bid for me bid for me bid for me!".

You still gotta say Real Madrid are favourites, but if for whatever reason they look elsewhere, well, Arsenal might just have the best transfer window since Mr Henry turned up.
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