Asian Expansion Patch For Fifa 14

aaryan rahi

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This is going to be Fifa Modders First big project. Last year we tried to make a small AFC patch without replacing existing leagues, but our work was stopped due to various reasons. But this year we came back with a better Idea.

A Complete (may be semi - complete) Asian Fifa Game Series.

But this time we are going to replace existing European Leagues to make some room for asian leagues.

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Work in progress

Already existing Asian Leagues

Korean K league Classic
Australian A league
Saudi Arabian League

Asian Leagues To be Added
Indian Super League
Iranian Football League
J1 League
UAE League
Chinese League
Qatar League
I league
Nepal Redbull National League
Oman Football League
Malaysian Football League
Philippines League
Hong Kong Football league
Thailand Football League

European Leagues To be Added
Romanian League 1
Egypt Football League
Ukranian Football League

All the above league nations will haave national teams also

Confederation Cups To be Added

For Clubs
AFC Champions League
AFC champions Cup

For National Teams
AFC Asia Cup
AFC Solidarity Cup
EAFF Asian Cup
SAFF Asian Cup
AFC Championship
WAFF championship

Work has been started already

We are planning to add even more leagues, anyone can suggest us any Non Fifa games series Leagues. Just reply in this thread

And you can also contribute to this patch anything you want. You can help us making kits, scoreboards, adboards , flags, faces, stadiums or Even a single clubs squad list will be useful for us. Continue this thread only for discussing about this patch.

For further details follow this Thread