Austrian Lower League Fantasy


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Hi Everyone,
I am new to modding and the forum. The last few months I was working on something maybe worth to share. Most of the work was done with CM16.
Created a fictional second league for Austria with 12 (existing) Teams. The selection was based on friends requests. Following teams are included:

DSV Fortuna 05
FC Blau-Weiss Linz
FC Pasching (ÖFB Cup Winner 2013 - not existing anymore)
FC Wiener Akademik
First Vienna Football Club 1894
Floridsdorfer AC
GAK 1902
Kremser SC
SC Wiener Viktoria
SK Vorwärts Steyr
SV Austria Salzburg
Wiener Sport-Club

Tracksuits, bibs:

As I never used photoshop or Gimp before critiques are welcome but do not be too harsh:boxing:(H) (ex some of my adboards are improvable, working on it)

Some things I am still working on and would ask for advice:

1. I am preparing the scoreboard and would like to add the Teamcrests. I could not figure out how to add them with CGFE16's Scoreboard editor. Can anyone help (Tried to understand the Hex data but i am far from that level)

2. Wanna try to change the wipes but could not find a functioning link for 3D Exporter for Blender. (Or is there a helpful genius who would provide a simple round shield on which any league logo can be placed with CM16 or so,doesnt have to be the fancy wipes)

3. Is there an easy way for Minikits? I found a Minikitgenerator but my photoshop is too old for 3d editing.


PS: Oh and many-many thanks for all the amazing tools from the Pros here: CM16, CGFE16, TV Logo and Scoreboard changer File Explorer. Thanks to you guys even a nut like me is able to "create" his own FIFA experience


Youth Team
Some images for promotion purposes:larry: (full album here:



Youth Team
Hi guys,

got some useful critique and help from Jimboni and TC so here is a facelift for the patch:
all kits recreated from scratch in 2048 resolution (colour adjustments, missing/incorrect sponsors...)
all adboards recreated from scratch in 2048 resolution
improved graphics for tracksuits
correctly turned cornerflags

some kit examples:

(including rx3 and PNGs)

to fully enjoy the enhanced graphics add following line to FIFA 16\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\general.lua:


Youth Team
New Graphical Update:

Scoreboards Zweite Liga and Regionalliga Ost (for CGFS)
Wipe Regionalliga
Podiums, pedestals, referee boards for Regionalliga, ÖFB Cup and Tipico Bundesliga
Austrian Referee Jerseys
Home and GK kit for First Vienna Cup heros 2020-21