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ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

What would you like best, single releases for every player, or packs?

  • Single releases

    Votes: 13 61.9%
  • Packs

    Votes: 8 38.1%

  • Total voters


Club Supporter
The new pack is out!


And this time we go with:

-Axel Witsel (Tianjin Quanjian and NT Belgium)

-Daniel Carriço (Sevilla and NT Portugal, wrist tattoos by Amir.Hsn7, left upper arm tattoo by me)

-Ederson Moraes (Manchester City and NT Brazil, face by Donhede which is included in the pack)

-Jeff Hendrick (Burnley and NT Ireland)

-Leonardo Bouncci (update, Juventus and NT Italy)

-Nico Pareja (Sevilla, by Amir.Hsn7)

-Niklas Süle (FC Bayern München and NT Germany)

-Ricardo Rodríguez (AC Milan and NT Switzerland)

Just wanted to let you know that my next pack will be made up only by female players, which wil be:
-Anja Mittag (Germany)
-Dzsenifer Marozsán (Germany)
-Sydney LeRoux (USA)
I'll start off with these three, because they're the only players I know with evident tattoos





Youth Team
Guess who's back, back again!

How are you all doing, guys? I've been meditating about this for a long time, taking back some time to dedicate to modding and try my best to bring you the best content I'm able to make with my modest Photoshop skills. Sorry if it took me a year and some months, but my l've been through a lot as my life took an unexpected turn (in both a positive and negative way).
I left you waiting for my first tattoo pack for women players and that is also the reason why I stopped doing what I was doing, because those tattoos didn't look good on Photoshop and I gave up. In the last few days, I decided it was time to get back in business, since I need an hobby too.
So, it is with extreme pleasure, that I present to you the first ever (as far as I know)
Women's Tattoo Pack for FIFA 16, containing tattoos for the following players:

-Dzsenifer Marozsán (Olympique Lyonnais and NT Germany)

-Anja Mittag (FC Rosengård and NT Germany)

-Sydney Leroux (Orlando Pride and NT USA, I also tweaked the skintone to match her face)

I still don't know who will be in my next pack, I will probably download a tattoo pack for PES 2019 and see what I can convert from there, as well as make some by myself.
I will probably start to include female players in my packs, if any of you knows any female players with tattoos that is in FIFA 16, let me know and I see what I can do.
I hope you'll like this pack! :D