Banners, Flags & Adboards during career mode?


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I have a few strange problems. I'm playing lower division German teams in the EEP European Expansion Patch (which uses Revolution Mod).

Flags: During career mode flags are all of a sudden not showing up anymore for my home team. But only in my home stadium.! Away they're showing up fine. 2 or 4 matches later the flags are showing up again in my home stadium. This is weird to say the least.?

Banners: Banners are not showing up at all! No matter if it's my home stadium or away and no matter the team. They never show up even though banners are there for each team in the appropriate folder (data/sceneassets/banner).

Adboards: Adboards should be static but are almost always digital and rotating!?? No matter the stadium and no matter the team. This doesn't make any sense since we're taling low division teams here (like 4-6th league which are added by the EEP). You can imagine that those teams in real life don't have digital rotating adboards - with a few exceptions. There have been a few stadiums so far during career where the adboards were static but I don't have a clue as to why this is and how I can set this.

What I have tried so far but without any success:

- Changed sizes of the flags (like from 512x256 down to 128x128).

- Replaced lua files with ones from other patches (like stadium.lua or crowd.lua or the entire fifarna folder)

- Made line changes to these lua files myself (for instance there is a paragraph that talks about swapping home/away banners -- >

"-- If we swap the home/away banners, don't draw the away banners (because they take up most of the stadium)
local swapHomeAwayCrowd = as:GetInt(stadium, "swapHomeAwayCrowd")
if ( swapHomeAwayCrowd == 1 ) then
db.stadium[idx].homeBannerId, db.stadium[idx].awayBannerId = 0, db.stadium[idx].homeBannerId
db.stadium[idx].homeBannerPrimaryColour, db.stadium[idx].awayBannerPrimaryColour = db.stadium[idx].awayBannerPrimaryColour, db.stadium[idx].homeBannerPrimaryColour
db.stadium[idx].homeBannerSecondaryColour, db.stadium[idx].awayBannerSecondaryColour = db.stadium[idx].awayBannerSecondaryColour, db.stadium[idx].homeBannerSecondaryColour"

When I remove this in both stadium.lua and stadiumrm.lua the banners are still not showing up. :(

I tried some other lines too, like removing them - in reference to banners as well as flags as well as adboards. But it doesn't make any difference.? I do regenerate each time with file master when I make lua changes.

- For adboards I changed the specificadboard rx3 files. Supposedely adding a 6 as the last figure should make the adboard for that team or stadium or tournament static. Like specificadboard_130176_0_0_0.rx3 gets changed to specificadboard_130176_0_0_6.rx3 or specificadboard_130176_0_35_6.rx3 or specificadboard_0_0_35_6.rx3. I pretty much tried everything to no avail. I also tried the general lua statement "assignAlternateStaticAdboard(stadiumid)" with the corresponding stadium ID but that doesn't work either.

- Assuming that adboards and banners may be set in the actual stadium rx file (at least with some custom made stadiums) I tried to find the corresponding lines in a hex editor and tried to make changes there. But that makes my game crash. :(
Is that even the case, that banners and adboards are set up in an rx3 file?? Such as no banners or rotating adboards? Maybe I'm on a totally wrong track here. Maybe not. I just can't find any explanation as to why some stadiums show up with static adboards and others don't. Same with banners...
It would be nice to get some feedback from stadium makers here.

Please help guys, I don't really enjoy playing this when some of the assets and realism is gone. Besides that I'm totally baffled as to what is causing this. And so far I have always managed to track down the root of issues and be able to fix them.

p.s.: As a side note, when I play friendlies outside of career with the same teams or stadiums the banners almost always do show up.! The flags not so much, but more often than not. Adboards still remains the same though, always rotating...
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