Barclays Premier League 09-10 Patch

Hobs Crk

Youth Team

Features of this Patch;

1. All the teams,all the players.
2. Complete rosters,strongest formations,correct jersey nos.
3. All kits and minikits
4. New FIFA rules(7 subs,etc)
5. New logos for teams that changed them anytime after FIFA 07 was launched.
6. New official premier league ball
7. Updated stats for the big players. In other words,no more adebayor at 76:rofl:
8. New premier league logos and banners.

Version 2 features
1.Corrected tournament structure.For people having problems with manager mode or the teams in the league,this will correct it.
2.New numbers for some players who had yet to be assigned numbers when the last patch was released: eg-ivan klasnic,tal ben haim,niko kranjcar,etc...
3.Complete need to fool around with structures anymore. :)

Version 2.1 features:
1.The best kits made so far in this community(thanks to bobscratchit,doublekill,adek,roberto,vez, rokzi,eurofootball,nedved7)
2.Official Winter Ball (Nike T90 Strike High Visibilty)
3.Formations that are more frequently used in the league
4.Updated minikits for Hull City
5.Updated graphics for all kits.No more white kits with white numbers.
6.Official Premier League fonts.
7.Community Shield included,which means the first match of the season for Manchester United and Chelsea will be that one.
8.More complete patch,includes even stadiums and stuff.This will help people who were having all their stadiums as open square style.
9.Corrected radar wont find chelsea being represented by red on the radar anymore.
10.English Cup and League Cup have been renamed as FA Cup and Carling cup,respectively,and the FA Cup trophy is the actual one,not the pathetic steel box that is used by ea.

Version 3.0 released!

Version 3.0 features:
1.Winter transfers added
2.25 new players.
3.Some graphical updates
4.Corrected winter ball (Purple and yellow instead of blue and yellow)
5.Tweaked stats depending on current form

Installation Instructions:
Just Download and install :)


This patch took me time,reps please!

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
I intend to do all the rosters...I'll finish the roster update this week,since i have holidays from colege...i'll release a minor update once transfer season gets over with any last minute transfers..


Starting XI
Guys, this is my minikit made for fifa4fans. You guys can use it but put credit. I would make some more too :)

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
woo,nearly got all the kits...finding it difficult to find pics for the gk kits left...anyone find any,please post em here..3.


Youth Team
Post the patch asap

Please post the patch as soon as possible....Ive really waited a long time for this patch...If you can,please post it today.....

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
haha easy buddy,transfer season doesnt end until monday,and expect some frantic transfer activity,specially from citeh :)

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
i may be making all the minikits for this patch myself,because i don't like the idea of different teams with different minikit templates in the same league. If you want to help me out, read this


Reserve Team
I don't give that much attention to minikits. In fact, to avoid this, I would simply put a square with the shirt's colour. :D


Club Supporter
hey hobs,

will the patch be in .cmp format? also, is there anyway you could release only the rosters, Do the rosters create new players in the game, such as tosic, obertan, arsharvin? or does the patch simply transfer players to new teams?

ive updated most of the teams already and playing with teams that have 2gk goalie kits makes my game crash....

also, dont wanna reach my fifa.fat limit, as i have added other patches

Hobs Crk

Youth Team

i've added all the players you've mentioned there (though i think arshavin was already in the game), and many,many more besides.But in most cases,players born after 1989 are not included,except big names like macheda,sturridge,wilshere and so on.Chelsea is the only team with every player included,i think most others have some of the most obscure youngsters missing.

The patch will definitely be in .cmp format only,its the most unintrusive,and creates the least problems.

Playing with 2gk kits for both teams on the pitch may be too much to handle for many older computers, and could make them run slower or crash.A simple remedy would be to resize the kits to 512x512 for all teams except the one you normally play with,which i imagine would be manchester united in your case.

about releasing the patch with separate rosters,maybe that is a good idea,with separate patches for kits,minikits,rosters,etc because i imagine that many people will have already updated parts of the game and may want to update just certain things without completely overwriting all of it.Maybe i could also release each team individually,because there will be people who have already made all the players for their favourite team.I'll think about it.

Patch should be ready by the middle of the coming week.


Club Supporter
yea, it would be nice to release one big patch and have the rosters separate... im sure avid patchers would have already updated their team's kits, and there are other threads where all the kits have been posted...

releasing each team would be too much work(Y)

quick question: did u update the player ratings....

keep up the gr8 work:33vff3o:

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
yeah i did update the player ratings,but not all,only the big names...most of the top 4 clubs,tottenham and city have their ratings updated, but the remaining teams have only a few big names updated.