Basically the best


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What do you think of PES 2012. At first I still thought 2010 was the best version but 12 has grown one me. The teamwork and passing aspect is better but the game sort of forces all teams to play too Barcelona-esque.


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I still think that PES 2009 is the best in series (except PES 6 which is legendary). 2012 is really great, no doubt. As you said, teamwork is great, much smarter AI then ever before.

But it still lacks "that something". I think that in previous versions you were able to get much closer to the player you control, in terms of dribling, passing and shooting. In 2012 this part is distanced a bit, don't know how to explain it. But ambient, gameplay, and everything is great.

If you ask me - PES 2012 or FIFA 2012? - PES definitely! (Y)

Just hope I'll fix my PC soon to continue ML mode! ;)


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I come from Winning Eleven 4 to 7, then I had to change to PES2008. WE7 and PES2009 rocks, but I haven't test PES2012 yet. I didn't like 2011 version.


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I didn't like 2011 either but I didn't play it much. I've been playing 2012 and I consider it the best one yet.