Bavarian Faces & Boots

shadow 79

Senior Squad

PUMA Goalkeeper Gloves Future Z Grip 2 SGC Bluemazing/Sunblaze/PUMA White​


Scott Adkins

Club Supporter
After a long time out, I am back with a New Bootpack. The Adidas Predators are not the best, but will be great till we get a better model. As always, thanks to @pao4ever, @wswzzbd, @georgiy, @Pitico for you textures & models. Enjoy!

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Man, it looks awesome.
Do anybody knows which real players wear this boots? I would like to assign it to the correct players
Thank you.

If there's one thing I'm jealous of, it's the 25C you've got there :D
While I've been stuck below since November.

Also, you might want to add bump (and maybe reflex) files to those textures instead of leaving them blank.
I've successfully created bumps with PixPlant but I also hear you can do it online
South Africa whether is great all year round man! Ive created those as well. Added the slight shimmer finish to the boots with reflex