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Bayern Thread


Oh and tits.
Rafinha is not on Lahm's level though is he? It'll be interesting to see how they go about replacing them as well as improve the team at the same time. Sign Alexis as Ribery's replacement and Ozil for no.10. Move Thiago to Alonso's position.


Oh and tits.
Recent rumours- Bayern can't match Alexis' demands which are way above what their highest paid Lewandowski earns. And apparently we have offered above 350k per week!!! That is huge and would shatter our current wage structure.


Club Supporter
Won't Altetico want to go younger, not older? Alexis will turn 29 this year. Surely they don't want another Carlos*son Martinez?


Oh and tits.
I doubt Alexis would go to Atletico. Whats the point. They aren't doing anything after selling Griezmann. Rather stay in London and earn a shit load of money. I can only see PSG, Bayern or Juve really tempting him with money and a chance to win.


Make America Great Again
Bayern won't pay him what he wants, as you say. Shattering the wage scale ruins Bayern. They did it for Gotze and lost Kroos.


Starting XI
You guys got James on such a bargain deal, take care of him! One reason to start following Bayern matches this season.

Hopefully he'll return to his Real Madrid 2014/15 form under Ancelotti again. Scoring awesome golazos and right, his passing range is unbelievable as well. Equal to Thiago's when used right. Although he's always incredible when playing for Colombia.


Club Supporter
sacking your manger after a poor performance in a GROUP game is madness.
Even we didn't sack Rafa right after the clasico.
Hoeneß is more crazier than Perez i guess???