Be a Pro


Youth Team
Ok guys, so how do i go about playing a season on the ps3 be a pro mode?

i know i can create my own guy and play a season on the PC version....



Starting XI
I HEARD BE A PRO MODE ON ps3 IS 1 GAME ONLY NOT A SEASON whcih is uber gay. that was the the feature iw as looking forward to teh most in FIFA 08

they put it as a season mode in Pc versio which no one gives a **** about and not on Ps3 one.

unless u can lock your position on a player another way then uc antdoa season as be a pro mode.


Youth Team
Hey i heard they wanna give an update in a few weeks which will alllow an online version of 5v5... maybe they will also release season mode???

and even stupider (dumber) is that they limit the pc to one season.. what the hell they have the function why limit the years???