Begging for HELP!

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
I need help! i cannot finish the premier league patch anytime soon if i have to make rosters,kits as well as minikits myself without anyone else contributing,because i have a life outside fifa too,and my exams are coming up in a couple of weeks.So can some people please help me out? you dont need to be a kitmaker or anything for the kind of help i require,you just need to be willing.
Here's what i need (its mainly logos pictures,you should find most of them on google image search)

Crown Paints logo (as on the blackburn kit) logo (as on the spurs kit)

acorns logo (as on the villa kit)

3~SBOBET logo (as on the west ham kit)

Cooke-established 1845 logo (as on the burnley kit) logo (as on the hull kit)

sportingbet logo (as on the wolves kit)

So can people please help out and find some of these for me? would be very grateful, and will definitely give credits when the patch is out!(Y)


Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
I'll help you mate! :)

Ive got the weekend off and will help you find these bits and pieces

<carrick> (Y)

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
sorry i didnt understand you...who's kits i'm using? i meant the logos that the actual kits have, not the kits that are made here...if you have minikits,can you please upload them?

Stevi G

Senior Squad
no no no u dnt gt it

i meant the kits that u are using for ur patch, can u mention whose kits are u using and which 1 as mrrmaniac as dne so?

and yes i will pst the minikits tht i have...... so dnt wrry ;)
i'll upld them in my imageshack gallery and post the link to gallery here so that every1 can access my gallery ;)


Youth Team
For Minikits, a lot of the people on the FIFA 09 forum still make them using templates from FIFA 07, so have a look on there and see if you can find them.

Stevi G

Senior Squad
well yes bt thn it wd take alot of time as u will have to ask permissin from different kitmakers and well t be hnest most ppl dnt give permissin. Bt here i am providing minis so that they can be used......... ;)


Reserve Team
Your "begging" managed to interrupt my work on UCL Patch for a bit :D. So, I worked on some logos, and found some on the internet.

I found these on the internet, and, if they are not exactly as they are on the kits, they're easy to do:

And the following logos (which I worked on more or less) are in .png format, no background. :D: