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Youth Team

-Full Brazilian league 2018
-Fix fake Chilean league players
-Fix fake brazilian league players
-4 new Chinese clubs in RoW
-9 new Brazilian clubs in Row
-22 New national teams
-Copa Libertadores with 32 teams
-Mini Concacaf CL with 8 teams
-AFC CL with 16 teams
-FIFA Club World Cup with 6 teams
-Fix name for unlicensed teams
-Fix logos for unlicensed teams
-Fix name for unlicensed cups
-All languages supported

Known issues

-Europa league bugged after season 2
-Missing kits for new national teams and some clubs
-Preseason tournies wont work
-National teams in english for all languages
-Bosnia nt named as Gold


-Extract the downloaded file with winrar ou 7zip
-Inside benqbiggis mod folder copy FIFA 18 folder to your FIFA 18 folder (replace the 2 files)
-Open Frosty mod manager and select FIFA18.exe
-Double click benqbiggis mod and press launch

Download: mod.7z
Hello, I would like a help, when I start career mode with the patch my game crash.


Youth Team
I won the Brazilian Cup and the second in the league, and my team is not in the Liberators. There are many kits and minikits with standard fifa images. This is one of the best mods, but the beta was released long before it was not edited with frosty
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Eduardo LB

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I'm having problems with my FIFA 18. Regardless of the patch, after a few minutes of the match, the game simply closes. Does anyone know the solution? Thank you!

Vitor Badaz

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Hi, I'm here to make a tutorial on how to add minifaces to FIFA 18
To download the tutorial from this site:

Now it is only following the steps that are there, if someone wants a miniface or help can tell me