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The FHL-BIG-Editor is a small tool which could be very useful for many editors.
It shows you the big-files of the game directory and lets you open them and view the files inside.
The extract button exports all files you have selected out of the big-file into the FIFA folder, deletes it out of the big-file and regenerates the bh-file.
You can edit those extracted files and will see the changes applied directly into the game. You don't have to import it again into the big-file.
To select more than one file just click at one file, then click Strg or Shift and mark other files you want to extract.
You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
However there is a button to rebuild all bh files.
The FHL-BIG-Editor uses the tool "fifaFS" from

- You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 03.10.2010
Size: 333 KB
Language: English



The FHL-Backup-Tool is a program which lets you backup your whole FIFA installation-directory or only a certain folder inside of it.
What it does is basically compressing the files you want to backup and save them as .zip-package.
By pushing the 'Import'-button you can easily restore those backuped-files.
As you start the program,you can see the file-structure of FIFA,which you can expand even further.
Now you can uncheck the directories you don't want to include into your backup.
If you exclude a directory,but include its subdirectory,the subdirectory with all its content will be saved,but the content of the excluded directory won't.
By excluding a folder,all sub-folders will be excluded too.In this way you can re-include single folders into the backup.
If your going to backup only a single folder anyway,you better klick onto the first tick which deselects every directory,then you can select whatever you like.

- You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 05.10.2010
Size: 305 KB
Language: English



The FHL-Transfer-Manager is allowing you to transfer every player wherever you want.After loading the FIFA database (klick on open),the database will be extracted out of the .big archive. You can now select any team out of the dropdown menu on the left and the right side and simply transfer,nominate (a player wont be removed out of the current squad) or delete whatever player you like by clicking the 'transfer','nominate' or 'delete' button. You can also change the jersey numbers for every player very easily.

The tool is very handy for FIFA online-league administrators too, because you can now manage your transfers on a very easy way.

- You have to open the FHL-Switcher by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 22.10.2010
Size: 383 KB
Language: English


FHL-Master (updated each year)

The FHL Master is a Software, which provides FHL ( for all leagues of the VDFHL.
It offers the function to always import the most actual database for each league and automatically install it for the users.
Before the users are going to play,all current Transfers will be performed automatically . After finishing the FHL Master, FIFA will return automatically to the original FIFA version.
In the menu of the FHL Master, you can decide which Transfers (from which of the VDFHL leagues) should be imported.

Other functions for all VDFHL leagues are also available:

- Switching between updated FIFA version (with LiveSeason) and standard version (playing with and without Liveseason is possible!)
- FIFA Quickstart activation (you will get instantly into the game without adverts)
- Screenshotmode
- Penalties (a game can be started before penalty shooting)
- Adjusting the playing-time (you can chose between 0 and 90 real minutes of playing-time)
- Multiplayer-LAN Patch (playing with more than 2 Users is possible with this patch)
- Chat (communication with many other FIFA players [mostly 30 or more user are online])
- Direct-IP-Manager (the names and IPs of the players can be entered comfortably outside the game)
- Patching the FIFA settings (make sure that your opponent plays with the allowed settings)

The players of the FHL can also enjoy the following functions:

- league game results will be saved and transferred to the Web site automatically
- the FHL Master sends the game live to the site as a ticker
- Manage and view all open league games
- Blocking red-carded players for one game
- You can see the liveticker-games on the website and in the FHL-Master
- Direct-IP-Manager (the opponents IP can be selected and imported into the game easily)
- Transfercalculator
- News
- List of all Transfer deals with the corresponding Status
- Tables (inspect in all FHL tables)

The FHL-Master is updating automatically when a new version is available. It is not necessary to download the FHL-Master from scratch.

Finally, a screenshot of the FHL-Master:

Installation instruction and support of the FHL-Masters:

The first step is to download the software.
You can find it in the download-area, of each VDFHL league. The program can be saved everywere (e.g. desktop).
You can start it with a simple double click. The rest is selfexplaining.
At first start of the FHL Masters you will be asked for a user name and a password.
There you enter the data from the FHL (the Forum-login data).If you do not play in the FHL, you will get the login data from your supporter of the VDFHL league.
If you started FIFA with the FHL-Master you shouldn't close it while FIFA is still open.

Otherwise you can get problems. If FIFA closed, the Software FIFA return back to the original Version. If you have problems with the FHL Master,
then you should ask either in the forum of FHL or talk to your supporter.
If the program will not start, then reviewed if you install the ".Net Framework" of Microsoft.
However, this is on the PCs installed by default. You may download and install under: Microsoft-Net-Framework
if users with Windows Vista gets an error,
then leads the FHL Master just as Administrator (right click on the FHL Master --> run as an administrator).
For further errors just click on FHL Master on backup and try again. If the Prolem persists, then asks as it is described.

Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 24.12.2008
Size: 1,33 MB
Language: German



In order to make sure that you and your opponent use the same database, launch FIFA (it's important to launch it after starting the FHL-Cheat-Detector).
Minimize FIFA and chose your opponent in the Drop-Down-Box at the top. Then click "start detection" and connect to your opponent. When you reached the Team-selection menu, you both need to press F12. Now you will receive a sound signal to confirm whether you use the same database.

You have to create a profile named "myfhl" when you start FIFA the first time.
This profile should not include Virtual Pro.
You should also make a copy of your FIFA 11 folder in "My documents" once in a while, just to make sure everything's fine.
The moment you close the FHL-Cheat-Detector, your other profiles will be restored.

If you want to start the tool in German, you have to start it with your username as parameter (FHL-Cheat-Detector.exe username).

- You have to open the tool by right click --> "start as admin", if you had Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Author: Bernd
Publish-Date: 25.12.2010
Size: 493 KB
Language: English, German



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Reserve Team
Great Bernd. Waiting for any tool to open and Edit the Database. Thanks for Share Mate. Really Good Job.


Youth Team
Nice to hear :)
He will get the same structure for sure.
If there are questions, just write me a message.


Youth Team
My first tool for fifa 11 will be released soon.

It is just a small tool, but I think it could be useful for some editor.
Here you have a screenshot from FHL-BIG-Editor:

The extract button exports a file from the big to the fifa folder, deletes it from the big file and regenerates the bh file. So you can edit this extracted file and will see the changes directly in fifa. You haven't to import it again into the big file. Anyway there is a button to rebuild all bh files.
The tool uses the great tool "fifaFS" from


Youth Team
The FHL-Big-Editor is finished.
It will be released in the next few days.
We are just looking for a news poster with excellent english. Then he will release the tool.

Anyway I started working on my next tool: FHL-Backup-Tool
In the FHL-Backup-Tool you can see the hole fifa structure and select the directorys you want to save. After clicking on the Make-Button you will get a compressed Zip file. There also is a button to import your backups to FIFA.
Here you can find the news and a first screenshot:


Youth Team
We have found a news poster and he released the FHL-BIG-Editor.
Here you can reand it and download it:

FHL-BIG-Editor released ! posted by azeton 03-10-2010

Today Bernd releases the result of the last few week's effort: the FHL-BIG-Editor

It's a tool which could be very handy for many FIFA editors out there since it lets you open big files and extract the included files out of it.Those files can be modified according to your requirements.

You can find more information about it in the download section.

[More Information & Download]


If you find any errors, then report, I will fix it.


Starting XI
there is not a "how to" guide. It also did not work to me in Windows 7 32 bit. I hope this is not a joke...It saved nothing... It also tries to connect to Internet, why?