Best celebrations


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Di Canio with his goal celebration against AS Roma :|

No serious that stiker from Feyenoord who invented the shurt pulling off. What was his name?

Ubik Valis

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Any player that does some athletic/gymnastic sh!t when Martins (Y)

Another one would be: Vlaovic vs. Germany WC98....after scoring his goal, he simply pointed both fingers up and nodded his head as if saying: "Yep...I'm the man, I'm the man!" (H)


The Red Devil
Sir Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd after Steve Bruce scored twice against Sheffield Wednesday in the 92/93 title run-in. Eric Cantona after scoring a freekick against Arsenal, when he had his arm in a cast, and then his celebration after the chip against Sunderland, the arrogance about it, he knew he was the king.

But for me the best has to be wee Gordon Strachan making it 3-3 against Liverpool and then doing cigar smoke celebrations right infront of the Kopshites, I've been on a couple of Liverpool boards lately(lurking mind) and some of the scouse scally bindipping bastards still want to kill him for it.


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Man, ****! Goal celebration penalties are just really dumb and's really killing a huge part of the entertainment that comes with the sport, man.

Anyway, does anyone have a clip of Neil Ruddock and Ian Wright's aping of the di Canio/ref incident? That was genius...

-Bergkamp's celebration (or lack there of) against Newcastle...akin to what Cantona used to do....sheer arrogance and calmness, man

-Adriano going all Muay Thai on the corner flag after a goal in a Fiorentina shirt (I think) Boy was that ever impressive and oozing of pure coolness

-some goal celebration I saw on SportsWorld a while back. I think it was in the Asia cup and some Sri Lankan player after scoring a beautiful goal that was precisely delivered to him by a fellow teammate, took his shoe off, used his cleats as phone pads and dialed the dude who made the awesome pass to 'em all the way on the halfway line. The passer took off his shoe and picked it up on the other side and they proceeded to carry a was the most clever and humourous celebration I've ever witnessed, man.


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hurhurhur...............I saw that game aswell. I was waiting for him to rev up the engine some more and run around the pitch pretending to be an actual car or something.....but sadly, he was mobbed by his teammates...mighty hilarious while it lasted, though.


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henry celebration vs tottenham was cool.. runs all the way back to his half and slides down still:D

mega montana

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my favorite is raul's where he kisses his ring

simple, elegant and classy without showing anyone up, much like the man himself:rockman:


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not my favorite but a unique is the Gudjohnsen that goes send kisses and than bows.
not that special but is unique

the best is the one Hugo Sanchez use to in Madrid


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i remember one guy stuck his hand in his pants in the turkish league after scoring a goal and got kicked out of the leauge

Adz GK1

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Babayaro against coventry for newcastle. Couple of flips and then showed a bit of passion for the club (its about time someone did). Lua Lua's celebrations are also a favourite


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I like any celebration wear the player puts both arms in the air and points and looks to the sky as if to says thanx god!
I've seen Kaká and Zé Roberto do it a couple of times!!!

Thierry Henry celebrations are always good too. I like the one where he just stares coldly as if to say its all in a days work! Looks arragant but who cares!

I liked Bryan Bergougnoux celebration for Lyon against Sparta Prague in the champs league where he took his match shirt off and threw it in the crowd and had another match shirt on underneath!
He still got booked for it!

And Dimitar Berbetov and the rest of the Leverkusen teams celebration against Roma where the waved to the imaginary crowd!


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My fav 94 WC. Bebeto scores and does the baby swing with romario and Co. Truly a great moment in Bebeto's career. that guy was CLASS.

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Does anyone have either of the two videos:

1. Robbie Fowler snorts the goal line

2. Robbie Fowler lifted up his shirt and it had a message on it, something in favour of some Englishmen on a strike?

I wanna see these so badly!