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Dipanjan;2652955 said:
"I looks could kill, You are a weapon of mass destruction."

It's hard for me to tell.. what's greater, your stupidity, your bad english or your lack of skill in thread digging.

Lets just call it a 3-way tie. 3-way, so, prepare for unforeseen consequences.


Its very hard for me to judge.....what's worse, your behaviour against stupids, or thread diggers.

Nah, Its you lack of kindness against Dipanjan.

Test me. I will prevail.

Jambo Den

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*Lick finger and wipe it on her blouse* "Let’s get you out of those wet clothes"

"Let's play French Military, I lie down and you blow the f*ck out of me"

"I can't say I know much about flowers but you can put your two lips round me cock" (Tulips, geddit? (H))

"Fancy going halfers on a bastard?"

"You're so hot I'm erecting a monument in your honour as we speak"

But, if you ever want a masterclass in the art of chatting up the ladies, I refer you to this Great British institution:



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Poor mixafendis, and I mean that.

Btw, you wouldn't believe how much ass you can tap with the 'Bobby' line.


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"I've got a 12" **** and a dozen roses and a pick-up truck"

Rodney Carrington says it, so it must be true.