Black African Patch


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Looks great guys! I just want to make sure, is it necessary to download v1.0, v1.01 & v1.02 for the patch to work properly?


Youth Team
Celtian;3824242 said:
Oooh, sorry. I forgot. I'll reupload. Thanks.
Thanks! I'll appreciate if you can maybe also upload the dlc folder for v 1.02 separate, so I don't have to download the whole 170mb again?

I'm looking forward at maybe contributing to this patch in future especially from the South African league & cups point of view;-)


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Hello here !

I was looking for a mod for FIFA 15 on PC with African teams for some time, and I finally found one. So already, thank you for all the work you have done to make this mod.

Nevertheless, I would like to bring my assistance to its development, can you tell me how you add leagues, teams, jerseys, players in the game?

Similarly, I would like to create Botola Pro 2 (2nd Moroccan Divsion) and National Football League (Algerian 1st division). I could try to create teams myself, or to help with the scoring of different players.

Good night!


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If you want to add another league into my patch. I need three things:
1. Rosters of all teams in league (More than 16 players per team).
2. Pictures of all kits (home-away, back-front). Teams must have 2 kits as the minimum (home & away). If is not searched away kit I can swap the colors.
3. Pictures of logos. It could be on the kits. (I'll remade them if is it in low quallity)

Note: I can send you a template of excel tables.

What I am doing:
1. Import the rosters from excel table or from web into my program
2. Import the current db tables into my program (via DB Master)
3. Generate all in my program
4. Export the tables from my program
5. Import them into the game (via DB Master)
6. Rework logos if is it in low quallity
7. Make kits if the model is not in my templates (.psd or .png)
8. Import the graphic (via CM 15)
9. Make the tournaments (via CM15)
10. If a have a time make minifaces

7. & 10. takes the longest time.


Youth Team
Celtian are you (& ouma?) planning on updating the Black African Patch for the 2015-16 season for Fifa 15 or are you gona wait for Fifa 16 to update the patch for the new season?

If I have the time, I would really want to assist with the South African league's & cup's in future...I'm thinking:
ABSA Premiership
National First Division
Nedbank Cup
Telkom Cup

Cheers & keep up the great work!


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It could be updated in future. Priority is to add more leagues. After the African continent will be covered, leagues will be updated.

South African 2nd div could be also included if you give me the rosters and photos of kits.

I mean rosters like here:


Youth Team
Okay thanks very much for the roster files, I'll use it to add the info of the 14-15 season so long for the South African 2nd div. Will you complete the ID's for teams & players or give me an indication of which ID's to use?