Black Pitch


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hi friends...i installed moddingway patch 2.0 to the demo game that includes additional stadiums...but in all the stadiums all i get is a black pitch...what should i do to rectify IT???
pre- thanks for your help..:)


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FIFA 14\Game\data\sceneassets\pitch

Make sure you have a file here named:


If you dont have a "pitch" folder at all you need to copy moddingway over again as you must have done it wrong.

If you do have a "pitch" folder, goto the moddingway launcher and you have a pitch selection option, pick one to activate and check the folder again, if that file exists and launcher was ok, run regen on all bh's once more and then load game ..

It shouldn't be a problem after that, if it is I cant help further .. or your using a crack :)