Bogdan's Scoreboard Pack


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Austria_fan;3894373 said:
np, this video is an Highlight version from Sky, the Scoreboard from Sky during a Match looks like this:

No no obvious difference at all, only the time right and the Clubnames are written out

BTW an Scoreboard for the MLS is already created:

Any chance to get it with no mls written on it?


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wow, great scoreboards mate! any chance for a download link for the colombian league one? in case you haven't finished it yet, and need more detailed pictures (like the opening graphics showing the teams and their starting 11 and that stuff) let me know, and thanks in advance!

lionel medon

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bogdan2013;3893619 said:
Hello and Happy New Year !

Because Shawminator relased Scoreboard Tool and the work it's very simple now, i decide to make a pack with scoreboard for all league present in FIFA 16 (which are not made by other editors).

FIFA 16 All League Scoreboard PacK V1.0

Excuse me, sir.I have learnd the way how to make scoreboard and try to change overlay_8002.big.But now there are some questions:
1,The teams crest are locked as 32x32,would you pls tell me how to adjust the code to make it bigger?
2,I try to move the popups mod from fifa15 to 16,but there are some wrong in reading pictures.Could you tell me how to amend the big in reading picture path?
3,Can I add some variates in scoreboard patch? For example: adding team colours in 8002.
Thank you very much!Sorry for my english!​