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The U.K. No.1 on the 10th August 1988 was... The Only Way Is Up by
Yazz And The Plastic Population :$ :|

The U.S. No.1 on the 10th August 1988 was... Roll With It by
Steve Winwood :$ :|

Who are these people????


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Is it me or are you a bit confused? :confused:

Eerr... how about no? Everybody is writing lists of (sort of) famous people that were born on the same day as they were. I wrote a list of one person, who was born on the same day I was: my father, and that makes it a good enough list fo me. Don't need any celebrities to make me proud. ;)


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Originally posted by INFESTA
Eerr... how about no? Everybody is writing lists of (sort of) famous people that were born on the same day as they were. I wrote a list of one person, who was born on the same day I was: my father, and that makes it a good enough list fo me. Don't need any celebrities to make me proud. ;)
Damn I didn't read the last two words. Now it makes sense :D


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the U.S. No.1 on the 20th August 1987 was... La Bamba by
Los Lobos

the U.K. No.1 on the 20th August 1987 was... I Can't Stop Loving You by
Michael Carlos*son And Siedah Garrett

Why me :|

Also, Fred Durst was born on my birthday :eek:

Seán D

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September 18th...

Claudio Achillini (1574) Italian lawyer/poet

John Aitken (September 18, 1839 -- November 14, 1919) Physicist and meteorologist who, through a series of experiments and observations in which he used apparatus of his own design, elucidated the crucial

Jean Allamand (1713) French theologist/natural philosopher

Viktor A Ambartsoemjan (1908) Russian astronomer, (Stalin Prize 1946, 50),

Vladimir Ambros (1890) Composer

Alan Ande Anderson (1917) Opera director

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson (1905) Oakland Calif, actor, (Carlos Benny Show)

Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson (1905)

Lance Armstrong (1971) Plano Texas, road cyclist, (Olympics-6th-92, 96),

Leon Askin (1907) Vienna Austria, actor, (Pierre-Charlie Farrell Show)

Frankie Avalon (1939) Rocker, (venus, beach blanket bingo)

Barbii (19--) XXX actress, (Eye of the Tigress, Loose Ends),

Sharon Barrett (1961) San Diego, LPGA golfer, (1993 Nabisco Dinah Shore-22nd),

Ricky Bell (1967) Boston Mass, rock vocalist, (New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe),

Robert F Bennett (1933) (Sen_R Utah)

Koos van den Berg (1942) Dutch MP, (SGP)

Lord Berners (1883) [Gerald Tyrwhitt], England, composer, (1st Childhood)

Murtaza Bhutto (1954) Politician

Betty Bjurström (1923)

Rudolf Blahacek (1942)

Robert Blake (1933) Nutley NJ, (Baretta, Little Rascals, Coast to Coast)

Gerrit Borgers (1917) Literature

Scotty Bowman (1933) NHL player/coach, (Mont Canadians)

Rossano Brazzi (1916) Bolognia Italy, actor/director, (Antaeus-Survivors)

Clive Burton (1941) Neuropathologist

Carlos Cardiff (1914)

Joanne Catherall (1962) Sheffield England, rock vocalist, (Human League),

Sandra Cervik (1966)

Kotti Chave (1911)

Ron Childs (1971) NFL linebacker, (NO Saints)

George Chirello (1895)

Christian VIII (September 18, 1786 -- January 20, 1848) King of Denmark during the rise of the liberal opposition to absolutism in the first half of the 19th century.

John H(essin) Clarke (September 18, 1857 -- March 22, 1945) Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1916-22).

Harold Clurman (September 18, 1901 -- September 9, 1980) Influential and respected American theatrical director and drama critic. OR producer/director, (Deadline at Dawn)

Claudette Colbert (1903 - 1996) French actress; She won an Oscar for best actress in "It Happened One Night," 1934; also starred in "Cleopatra," 1934.

Fay Compton (1894) [Virginia Lillian Emeline Compton], actress, (Haunting)

Mike Compton (1970) NFL center/guard, (Detroit Lions)

Robert Coons (1969) NFL tight end, (Buffalo Bills)

Henri A Cornelis (1910) Gov_general Belgian Congo/Rwanda_Urundi

Robert Cowdin (1805) Brig General, (Union volunteers), died in 1874,

Martin-Pierre Dalvimare (1772) Composer

Agnes De Mille (1905) American dancer, choreographer OR NYC, choreographer, (Oklahoma)

Agnes George DeMille (1905 - ____) US dancer, choreographer; She choreographed musicals "Oklahoma," 1943, "Brigadoon," 1947; won Tonys, 1947.

Isabelle Demongeot (1966) Gassin France, tennis star

Peter Deutsch, I (1901)

John G Diefenbaker (1895) Neustadt Ontario, 13th Canadian PM, (C), (1957-63),

John G(eorge) Diefenbaker (September 18, 1895 -- August 16, 1979) Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party who was prime minister of Canada in 1957-63, following 22 years of uninterrupted Liberal rule.

Norman Dinnerstein (1937) Composer

Takao Doi (1954) Tokyo Japan, astronaut, (STS 87),

Henry Edwards, I (1882)

Hetta Empson (1915) Artist

Dino Falconi (1902)

Zelda Fichandler (1924) Actor OR Boston, theater director/producer, (Raisin, K2)

Debbi Fields (1956 - ____) US business executive; She is the founder of "Mrs. Fields Cookies, Inc.," 1979.

June Rosemary Fisher (1929) Teacher/trade unionist

Lita Ford (1958) London England, vocalist, (Kiss Me Deadly, Runaways)

Lita Rossana Ford (1958) London England, metal guitarist, (Kiss Me Deadly),

David Forsyth (19--) Long Beach Calif, actor, (Dr John Hudson-Another World),

Jean-Bernard-Leon Foucault (September 18, 1819 -- February 11, 1868) French physicist who introduced and helped develop a technique of measuring the absolute velocity of light with extreme accuracy. He provided experime

Alberto Franchetti (1860) Composer

Michael Franks (1944) Rocker

Sokyu Fujita (1949)

Enrico Fulchignoni (1913)

Arturo Gallea (1895)

Carmine Gallone (1886)

Greta Garbo (1905 - 1990) Swedish actress; She became a famed recluse with her "I want to be alone" line in the film "Grand Hotel," 1932.

Carrie Genzel (1971)

François Gesthuizen (1972) soccer player, (PSV, NAC),

Franco Di Giacomo (1932)

Etienne Glaser (1937)

Bud Greenspan (1926) Documentary maker, (Olympic Games)

Enrico Guazzoni (1876)

Harvey Haddix (1925) Baseball pitcher, (pitched perfect game into 12th)

Nils Hallberg (1921)

Haflidi Magnus Hallgrimmson (1941) Composer

Oliver Holden (1765) Composer

Mike Hossack (1950) Patterson NJ, rock drummer, (Doobie Brothers),

Richard Huntley (1972) NFL running back, (Atlanta Falcons)

Tomas de Iriarte (1750) Spanish writer, (Fabulas Literarias)

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784) English lexicographer, critic; He was remembered for writing the first critique of Shakespeare, 1765 and "Dictionary of the English Language," 1755.

Eddie Jones (19--) Washington PA, actor, (Jonathan Kent-Lois & Clark),

Rocío Jurado (1946)

Akira Kamiya (1946)

Justinus AC Kerner (1786) German family doctor/poet/writer

Justinus Andreas Christian Kerner (September 18, 1786 -- February 21, 1862) German poet and spiritualist writer. He and the poet Ludwig Uhland founded the so-called Swabian group of late Romantic poets.

Sir John Graham Kerr (September 18, 1869 -- April 21, 1957) English embryologist and pioneer in naval camouflage who greatly advanced knowledge of the evolution of vertebrates and, in 1914, was among the first

Alan "Bam" King (1946) Rocker

Phyllis Kirk (1929) Syracuse NY, actress, (Thin Man, Red Button's Show)

Monique Klemann (1965) Singer, (Loïs Lane)

Toni Kukoc (1968) NBA forward, (Chicago Bulls)

Hermann Kutter (1863) Swiss Christ_social theologist

Oleg Ladik (1971) Kiev Ukraine, Canadian 100 kg freestyle wrestler, (Oly-96),

Adrien-Marie Lagendre (1752) Mathematician, worked on elliptic integrals

Michael Landes (1972) Actor, (american summer)

Johannes Anker Larsen (1874) Danish writer, (Vises Sten)

Adrien-Marie Legendre (September 18, 1752 -- January 10, 1833) French mathematician whose distinguished work on elliptic integrals provided basic analytic tools for mathematical physics.

Everett Lindsay (1970) NFL guard/center, (Minn Vikings)

Kerry Livgren (1949) Kansas, rock guitarist, (Kansas),

Abdul Muslim Mahomayev (1885) Composer

William March (1893) [Campbell], US, writer, (Company K)

Siegfried Marcus (September 18, 1831 -- June 30, 1898) Inventor who built four of the world's earliest gasoline-powered automobiles.

Pablo Sorozabal Marialcurrena (1897) Composer

Jimmy Marsden (1973)

Frederic Marés (1893) Spanish sculptor

Marco Masini (1964) Italian entertainer

Anton Mauve (September 18, 1838 -- February 5, 1888) Dutch Romantic painter who, like his friends Jozef Isradls and the three Maris brothers, was profoundly influenced by the French landscape painter Cam OR painter/graphic artist/cousin of Vincent Van G

May McAvoy (1901)

Jim McCrery (1949) (Rep_R_Louisiana)

Edwin M McMillan (1907) US, physicist/discoverer plutonium, (Nobel prize),

Edwin Mattison McMillan (September 18, 1907 -- September 7, 1991) American nuclear physicist who shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1951 with Glenn T. Seaborg for his discovery of element 93, neptunium, the firs

Mariangela Melato (1941) Milan Italy, actress, (Flash Gordon, Summer Night)

J T Mellema (1923) Boer politician, (CHU)

John Mens (1897) Writer, (People Without Money)

Agnes George de Mille (September 18, 1905 -- October 7, 1993) Changed the face of American dance by incorporating American subject matter and elements of folk dancing into her ballets, and she revolutionized musi

Agnes de Mille (September 18, 1905 -- October 7, 1993) American dancer and choreographer who further developed the narrative aspect of dance and made innovative use of American themes, folk dances, and ges

Shelly Moore (1978) Miss Teen USA, (Tennessee, 1997),

Carlos Mullaney (1932) Pitts Pa, actor, (My Living Doll, It's About Time),

Louis Myers (1929) Blues guitarist /harmonica player

Kiichi Nakai (1961)

Manfred Niehaus (1933) Composer

Standish James O'Grady (September 18, 1846 -- May 18, 1928) Historical novelist and literary historian whose popular English versions of the Irish heroic sagas earned him the title of "father of the Irish liter

Ronald Ogden (1915) Engineer

Willy Parsons (1959)

Johann D Passavant (1787) German historian/painter/graphic artist

Hank Penny (1918)

Misha Philipchuk (1988)

Jada Pinkett (1971) Actress, (set it off, nutty professor, menace ii society)

V L Ponomaryova (1933) Cosmonaut

Valentina Leonidovna Ponomaryova (1933) Cosmonaut, (Vostok 6 backup)

Milan Rakic (1876) Serbian poet, (Pesme)

Dee Dee Ramone (1951) Virg, [Douglas Colvin], rock bassist, (Ramones)

Francois-Juste-Marie Raynouard (September 18, 1761 -- October 27, 1836) French dramatist and Romance philologist who also played a part in the politics of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods.

George Read (1733) US judge/signer, (Declaration of Independence)

John J Rhodes (1916) (Rep_R_Az)

Charles Valentine Riley (September 18, 1843 -- September 14, 1895) British-born American entomologist who contributed much to the advancement of the systematic study of insects of economic significance in the United S

Holly Robinson (1964) Phila, actress, (21 Jump Street)

Michela Rocco (1970) Udine Italy, Miss Italy, (1987),

Gary Rogers (1970) CFL linebacker, (Saskatchewan Roughriders)

Nikolai N Rukavishnikov (1932) Siberia, cosmonaut, (Soyuz 10, 16, 33),

Kondraty Fyodorovich Ryleyev (September 18, 1795 -- July 13, 1826) Russian poet and revolutionary, a leader in the Decembrist revolt of 1825.

Valery Viktorovich Ryumin (1932) USSR, cosmonaut, (Soyuz 25, 32/34, 35/37),

Enrico Maria Salerno (1926)

Ryne Sandberg (1959) Spokane WA, infielder, (Chic Cubs),

Pietro Sanmartini (1636) Composer

James Henry Scullin (September 18, 1876 -- January 28, 1953) Statesman and leader of the Australian Labor Party who as prime minister guided the country through the early years of the Great Depression but was pl

Naresh Kumar Sohal (1939) Composer

Will Stanton (1885)

Kate Starre (1971) Armadale Australia, field hockey utility, (Olympics-96),

Leon Stein (1910) Composer

Joseph Story (1779-1845) Associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1811-45), who joined Chief Justice John Marshall in giving juristic support to the development o OR Mass, 19th Supreme Court justice, (1812-45)

Marcellus Augustus Stovall (1818) Brig General, (Confederate Army)

C. Gardner Sullivan (1884)

Johann Anton Sulzer (1752) Composer

Josef Tal (1910) Composer

Richard Thurnwald (September 18, 1869 -- January 19, 1954) German anthropologist and sociologist known for his comparative studies of social institutions.

Jeana Tomasino (1955) Milwaukee Wis, playmate, (Nov, 1980)

Charles Lacy Veach (1944) Chicago Illinois, astronaut, (STS 39, STS 52),

Hans Vermeulen (1947) Singer/guitarist, (Sandy Coast)

Michael Vetter (1943) Composer

Jozef de Voght (1877) Flemish priest/songwriter, (Under the Snow)

Adam Walacinski (1928) Composer

Johann Gottfried Walther (September 18, 1684 -- March 23, 1748) German organist and composer who was one of the first musical lexicographers. OR Erfurt Germany, composer/Musicographer

Carlos Warden (1920) Newark NJ, actor, (NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby)

Henry Constantine Wayne (1815) Brig General, (Confederate Army)

Helene Weijel (1950) Author, (In the Street Without a Coat)

Rich Weiss (1963) Munich Germany, US slalom single kayak, (Olympics-6th-96),

Bob Whittaker (1939) (Rep_R_KS, 1979_ )

Kim Wilde (1960) [Kim Smith], Chiswick England, vocalist,

Fred Willard (1939) Ohio, comedian, (Fernwood 2 Night, Real People)

Clark Wissler (September 18, 1870 -- August 25, 1947) U.S. anthropologist who developed the concept of culture area and whose The American Indian (1917; 2nd ed., 1922), remains a classic in North American OR anthropologist, (American Indian)

Gregory XVI (September 18, 1765 -- June 1, 1846) Pope from 1831 to 1846. OR [Bartolomeo A Cappellari/Mauro], Italy, Pope
That's my frikin birthday too!!