box art


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is it just me, or does he look incredibly high right there?

thats a sweet box, and i'm glad to see that my 3 year old cousin can play it too.


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what the ****.

what does the cyber thing have to do with football?
and yeah, ronaldinho does look high.


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cool box and he does look high
i mean if they were putting a high player on the cover tey should have put someone else

Like Mutu:crazyboy:


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by the look of things, EA have either secured the lisence of Nike or are putting nike stuff in the game but not being official


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yeah, this box sucks ass.. just because they used a lot of effects doesn't make it good..

I think a simple soccer ball in the parking lot laying in front of 2 cans that represent the net would've looked better.. o well


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look at this screenshot, the guy on the right is wearing nike total zoom shoes, and the ball on the box is definitely aerow..

but then again, look at ronaldinho, the player who is sponsored by nike, and he is wearing none of their stuff..

i think they just made a bunch of stuff LOOK like nike, but there won't be the official nike logo on anything...

maybe there will be a way to edit all this stuff on modded xboxes


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Some of them screens are early .. It's pretty obvious they have the nike license since christiano ronaldo was wearing a Carlos*et with the nike football logo on it ..


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Its funny that you guys said he looked high.

High = tall= stoned

I think he looks like both.

:D hahaha