Banned for Life [He likes P. Diddy]
Okay, so I got Bruggink on a Bosman as a stand in for Sneijder. I ended up using him so much because he was doing awesome. Like 15 goals, 12 assists in 31 games. Also used him as a striker.

At the beginning of the second season, he was listed unhappy because of "personal problems." He still scored a hattrick in the JC Schaal match. I sent him on vacation for a month. He came back and he's doing poorly. On top of that, he announced that he wants to leave on a Bosman after this season. Under his profile, he said he hates me :|

Is this is a bug or should I dump his ass in the reserves?


Starting XI
yea, i also found that if i let anybody go on vacation, then they come back saying that they are fine now, but after a while, the profile says he dislikes me....which is kinda strange, since it happens every time I do my advice is never do that....

and as for Bruggink...dump him :P there are better players than him that you can buy in the Dutch league....

anyway, once they dislike you, it's quite difficult to make them like you again....but once, I had Berbatov disliking me, so I sold him to Porto and bought him back the season after, and miraculously, he forgot that he hates me! mwhahaha