Caio's Alternative Kit/Shorts/Socks Combinations


Reserve Team
CD Nacional
Home - updated with new sponsors:

Updated home shorts:

I updated the .rx3 file for the home kit but at the moment I can't login to mediafire to upload. Just set the back name a bit higher on the shirt, I set it to 0,247 / 0,214.

Away - updated with new sponsor:

If you want to add some alternatives, this is what they have used this season:
Home alternative - black shorts, white socks (can take them from the away kit)
Away alternative - black shorts, black socks (as above)
Away alternative v2 - white shorts, white socks:


Reserve Team
I have updated the kits for FC Porto with better shirt & sponsor colors. Also the sponsor on the third kit is fixed now. You can find them here.


Youth Team
caio89;3904417 said:
CS Marítimo
Home - sponsor update:

Away - sponsors update:

Hello Caio.
Could you update also the GK kits from Marítimo and Nacional?
And by the way, if i don’t ask too much, could you do the Rio Ave kitpack with the new sponsor? I’ll be appreciate.
Thank you!


Senior Squad
Vamp;3910241 said:
ok, but I cannot install Fifa 16 on my PC, so guys if it s not hard can u post black kit Portsmouth pls. I really need it