Calm down everyone: XBOx vs PS3 spec to spec don't be fool by the hype again


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CPU: Cell (1 PPC + 7 units) vs X360 Cpu (three PPC cores)

X360 advantages and disadvantages
- much easier to program for 3 symmetric processors than an asymmetric processor
- strong single thread performance, but can only run limited number of threads
- multithreading is difficult to program for but NO WAY near as hard as for the cell
- Best described as a Carlos of all trades approach

Cell Advantages and disadvantages
- The cell is a massively parallel vector processor
- excellent for running multiple floating point tasks such as (game engine, encoding and decoding video)
- Difficult to program for -- ALL software has to be optimized
- Poor single thread performance
- NO hardware Branch prediction, Extremely poor at running complicated branched code (like A.I. code)
- Highly specialized approach, the cell is first and foremost an MULTIMEDIA processor that is best suited for HDTVs and a gaming consoles processor second. It offers extremes -- very good at running game engine, very poor at A.I. code.


Today's top of the line 6800ultra has 16 pixel pipelines and 6 shader pipelines and is made up of 222 Million Transistors

X360 advantages and disadvantages
- ATI's next gen GPU (the R500) has a as unique architecture -- UNIFIED vertex/shader and pixel pipelines. It has 48 of these units that are automatically assigned a function
- Easier to program for but has a less higher theoretical peek than independet pipelines
- 10MB framebuffer that allows for "Free" anti-aliasing but limited resolution to 720P. For higher resolutions you "upsample"
- Unknown number of transistors (look for this number in the future)

- officially stated to have 300 Million transistors with fixed pixel and vertex pipelines. Numbers not disclosed. If 6600GT is about 160 Million transistors, the 6800ultra 222 Million -- it is very likely that the PS3 GPU has 24 pixel pipelines and about 10-12 shader pipelines. I find it very easy to believe that the this GPU will be about twice as powerful as a 6800Ultra
- independent pipelines are faster BUT are harder to program for


512Mb of unified DDR3 memory with is shared by BOTH the GPU and CPU. Flexiablity is the obvious advantage. Disadvantage is that they have to be shared. Game developers can split the memory any way they like 50:50, 30:70 etc

256MB XRD for the cell
256MB DDR3 for the GPU

advantage is that the each has its own faster memory but each is limited to 256mb. While the CPU in the X360 can have a max of 512mb, the cell is stuck with 256mb.


• 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
• 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
• 21.6 GB/s front-side bus

256GB/s from the 10mb frame buffer gives the X360 GPU a major advantage; it means the R500 isn’t limited by bandwidth and allows for free Antialiasing and a host of other effects. But the cost is that internal resolution is realistically limited to 720P. They may find a way around it. The original PS2 had on-die 4mb frame buffer. The game cube had off-die 2mb frame buffer.

Main RAM 25.6GB/s
VRAM 22.4GB/s
RSX 20GB/s (write) + 15GB/s (read)
SB< 2.5GB/s (write) + 2.5GB/s (read)

Video Output:

Single DVI-output support sall HD resolutions (including 1080P and 1080i). Note that most games will probably be rendered at 720P but upsampled to 1080P like GT4 did with the PS2.

Dual HDMI (copy-protected DVI that combines audio) so that you can hook up two HDTVs. HDMI is a new format.
BUT for those of you who tried doing this on your computer, if a game runs @ 1080P single TV, you have to drop the resolution down on each TV to 720P so that you can have both.

The rest are extras

That only increase costs and don’t make gamming any better. PS3 has a lot of fat

Dual eithernet
Built-in wi-fi
Multi-types of flash memory slots (SD, memory stick etc)

The above probably adds $100 extra to PS3

X360 and PS3 are about the same in power but approach it with different philosophy. X360 is less powerful BUT more flexible and easier to program for. PS3 is theoretically more powerful but less flexible and harder to program.



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right then, so we can establish from that WONDERFUL post, that its a role reversal of the PS2 v XBOX war then? XBOX has lots of power but doesnt use it quite as well as the PS2 did?



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rpvankasteren said:
PS3 won't have AI :(

of course it will, or else it would be impossible to have decent games as the AI is the most important factor in a game (screw the graphics, what are they doing there if the NPCs don't behave properly?)

i liked the post, two great consoles, very powerful and well above the standarts of today. but for me the PS3 is the winner here. it can be harder to program, but hey that can be considered as a seal of quality, only the best software houses will make games for it ;)


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QuikZilver said:
X360 and PS3 are about the same in power but approach it with different philosophy. X360 is less powerful BUT more flexible and easier to program for. PS3 is theoretically more powerful but less flexible and harder to program.

Looks like I will buy PS3 then, I currently own Xbox, the reason I brought xbox was obviously because it had better specs than PS2. But we will see.

I am not a big fan of Halo or Grand Theft, so switching consoles wont bother me. The games I care about the most are PES4, NBA Street and Burnout.


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Is this straight out of a Xbox forum or what?

Again i will say, i have nothing against Microsoft, but it's quite foolish to say that one system is better than the other just yet, when one its about to be launched, and the other one is still a year away. Ofcourse it will look like the 360 will be better to program for, Sony still has a long way to go when it comes to software and developement tools, all they presented here was the hardware.

No one!, can't tell you how it will work, because at this point everyone is clueless as to how this system will be integrated with everything else. This kind of techology had not been seen before, and it's stupid to compare it to modern computers like the xbox 360 is being.

Now, like in the previous race, where the games were the ones that decided who the winner was. It is most likely they will also decide this one. So, all this talk about hardware and specs it's pointless. This consoles will sell because of games, not their specs, believe me.


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bla bla bla, all boring. A half decent PC will always be better than a console

no way, with the latest hardware for gaming, pc can't even run unreal engine 3 smoothly