Can anyone change default supporter colors?


Youth Team
Is it possible to change default supporter colors?

I mean: If you change one team with another with diferent supporter colors, you'll have something like a blue team and red supporters in order to keep your supporters flags.

Any ideas?


Starting XI
you mean you want the supporters to have the same flags when you change colours?
If so then replace the flag of the colour combination you use in tare_ed??_.bin


Youth Team
Well, I've replaced the dutch league by the portuguese league ant I got Sporting over Ajax.

Now, Sporting wears green and Ajax, red.

Sporting's supporters flags got over Ajax's, right?
Now, when I chage the colors on the edit mode, the flags chenge and go to default flags.

Isn't there any ohter way?


Youth Team
Maybe I didn't meke myslelf clear. My mistake.

The portuguese league has more than one team wearing Green and White shirts. Therefore, I'll have all those four teams playin g with the same flags... :(


Youth Team
Not a chance.

I've tried but I had Sporting CP flags when Sporting CP wasn't even playing. :(

The only chance is changing default colors... KONAMI POWER!