Can the experts give me tips?


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I'm the first to admit that I really lack talent in any game I play, and the rules of football are not my forte - I really don't know a through ball from a one-two pass, so I need help. I'm playing on 'Professional' level and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to avoid tackles when I'm entering the opponent's box. So far all I'm doing is running at the goal fast and hoping for the best, but 9 times out of ten a full back tackles me. It's getting a bit frustrating. I've tried stopping, reversing direction and just kicking from farther out. I've also tried crossing the ball from the wings, but mostly that fails too. Are there any moves I can use when running that will have more success?

Also, can anyone explain what the following mean and what they do in the game:

Through ball?
Trigger run?
One-two pass?
Early cross?
Walk defence?

Finally, when I'm approaching goal and I shoot, where am I supposed to aim? Is it like the penalty kicks, so that you aim top right on your gamepad stick to get in the top right of the net, or do you aim as you run - i.e. in the general direction of where the goal is? I've been doing the latter, but where the ball actually goes seems to be fairly random.

I really wish sports games came with a manual for completely clueless non-sports-orientated geeks like me. It sometimes makes me wish I hadn't been turned off soccer at an early age because of my dad's obsession with it.


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Through ball is a kind of pass where the player with the ball sends it to the open space where another player will run.

Trigger run is the button you press to make another player run to an open space where you can send the ball.

One-two pass, the name says. A quickly pass between two players forming a triangle.

Early cross is crossing is a version of throught ball except it is send by the air.

Walk defence. While holding the player will not go strait for the ball and will mark the opponent with some distance.

Are you using a joystick or keyboard? For some tricks with joystick use the right analog stick an with keyboard use SHIFT + a direction arrow.

Hope it helps..


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Through ball:In soccer, a forward attacking pass that travels through a group of opposing players to reach a teammate.
Trigger Run:In real soccer the ball holder can order other players to run, that's how they could rarefaction defenses.
One-two pass:The one two pass ensures that the player with the ball passes it on to his nearest team mate, while moving and making space to enable him receive a possible return pass.
Early cross:In football, a cross is a delivery of a ball from either side of the field across to the front of the goal by applying various kicking techniques.
Walk defense:Essentially it is a tactic that can be employed by a team while defending and is particularly utilized in football.