Career Mode Requests Thread

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-A more active transfer market
-Longer than just 5 years
-Stadium/Centres Building
-Youth team


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Madden Style Franchise mode, where u can also decide the Teams ticket prices, food prices ect ect ect.

the use of Real Money for transfers, non of this Points Crap :P
In other Words, make it more like Madden's Owner mode! :D

Ability to create a team, and start off in the lowest Division possible from any league, with Either Created Players or Randomized General players.


Starting XI
In the career mode , I only want the things that a manager has to do in the real life...

and to have money , not credits :p


Youth Team
A much deeper Career mode a real Champions League Arsenal's new stadium. The ability to set my prices on tickets, food, and advertisments. Just look at Madden's career mode and copy it please.

I want the ability to manage my National team(US mens) in career mode to be able to go threw the World Cup qualifying, and into the Worldcup so that I can bulid them into a world power.

I want a trophy room like in NBA Live 2004.

I like the idea of different sponsors offering money to your club.

I want a youth team so that I can train a young player and bring him to the senior team.

I like the idea of playing championship games at neutral sites.

Make the leagues more realistic I play with Arsenal in my career and the teams at the top are Arsenal, Wolves, and Man City. There is something really wrong with this.


Please let there be ROSTER updates online


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to make cinematics for example when you buy a new player, also to earn money from tickets, and to improve the transfer market (e.g. CPU can also buy players)

the chilean

Club Supporter
it should be youth divisions.
edit your stadium, e.g. the adboards, etc
A tv channel offers you money by each win match.


Senior Squad
-to be able to change our team's kit after each season (offers from sponsor, new design, etc.)

- better cinematics when you win a championship

- substitution cinematics

- creation center, youth team and more active transfer market (when another team buys your player, he should play, not be a reserve)

- to have the practice mode INSIDE the career.

- better practice mode (more options, like penalties)


Club Supporter
Fist one is allow us to put in a real manager name. At start u would get offerings from little clubs from all over the world (contracts and stuff) and then when does well get more job offerings and doin bad would get u fired (it could be called manager mode which u could turn off if wanted to play with 1 team)

Extend it to 10 years and instead of dealing with retirement, just put in the older you r the more fatigue u get and your rating will go down

Each player should a potential bar so if it is high, that means if you train him he will be a great player. Also a happiness bar so if it is low it will be easier to transfer

Champions league and Uefa cup first year and improve them (randmize groups and better UEFA Cup format)

Fan turnout system improved (each team should have its own setting for fan support) ie in FA cup, If Middlesborough plays third division at Riverside, not a lot of people should be their

Even though only a few teams have their real stadiums, teams that don't should still have tickets with the name of it on

Finals at neutral stadium (fans should be 50/50 and it would be played at a custom ground ie FA cup played at either the 5 english stadiums and champions league or uefa cup flayed at custom ground in europe

More tactics and captain select

Have contracts and such and allow computer transfers (don't overdeal and the players equired will not just be reserves)

Money loss and gain through promotion and such (qualifyin for competitions) aka Team's total money should include players already have

More knoks and injuries. Player should have injury bar so if low they will often get injured in training and games

Allow to train(actual) in career mode

At end should be able to see big cup winners and stuff


-Add more leagues from eastern Europe.
-Allow the career mode to last for as long as you wish.
-Get some type of "special section" of career mode where you can go see the trophies you have won, the teams you have beat, history of team etc...
-We should be able to save goals.
-More stadiums.
-Have real money and not credits or points or whatever.
-Have a section similar to NBA Live where you go see the player's stats but not only from your team but all of them put together from all the teams in the leaugue that you're in ex: goals scored, saves made etc...
I think we all agree that FIFA needs and in-depth career mode, combined with the amazing graphics and licenses, and the good gameplay, FIFA will jump over any other games.

- Age and retire should be added
Career mode is great, but it would be even better if you had to worry about replacing Figo and Zidane after a couple of season managing Real Madrid. Of course managers should have the options to try and make them stay longer, just like a transfer.

We should be able to control the wages, or atleast control them sometimes, like when you want and old player to stay longer. There would be pros and cons, pro= you have figo or zidane longer. Cons= they are now being paid more, which some players may not like.

-more trouble
tired players, red card, and inuries were nice, but we need MORE. How about sick players? The players could go from bad(getting very tired in the game, to really sick(being out for a game or two). It sounds like an injury, but sickness would come like...well, sickness, unexpected. Also how about NT duties. Letting the player go means more practice and better morale, but you no longer have him(maybe even for a month if its a big tournament, the player would be tired, but he would be a lot better). If you don't let him go, you gave him , but you may face fines or the player getting mad at you. It wont be a problem with the youth and reserve players, but once the big guys want to go to the NT...thats when the fun starts

-Players should have minds of their own
It would be great if you could get into fights with players. Players would want to leave. or tell you that he is not happy at the club or something like that. We should be able to deal with their egos, a player with a big ego will not want to be left out of the starting line-up for one match.

lets us talk to the media, and more ways to earn money, the weekly prestige was kind of lame, we need more ways to gain and lose money.

-INMODE practice
We should be able to have a practice mode inside the career mode. Time and time again i want to practice a new formation or practice putting a new player in a certain position, but i am stuck having to practice during a a game.

-Time should not stand still
I want to see changes in the weather, in what the players wear, in how fresh everyone is, and even if they get sick or not.


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-International Career Mode (Career Mode with International team where you have to get higher rank and stuff)

I think everyone already covered everything :)


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I have a good Idea have a thread Called

EA have Create-a-player for the console version

....and make it sticky until fifa 2005. :f***:

I mean for pete's sake this is nothing out of this world. Every sports game has it. We need to toughen up with EA because they take us for granted. Last years they pull our leg until the final month when they came out with the news about create-a-player being cancel.


Senior Squad
Deeper Career mode
other teams buy players
Cup cinematics
Youth teams
Realistic player values
accurate players stats
In mode practice
Build stadiums , change ticket price , sponsor ,etc


Reserve Team
I've got only one wish :

_ No more career mode ( there are other games for that and one from EA )
It will save memory on the cd's otherwise we will have one generic face in a few years

Knight Saber

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Ok, here I go:

-VERY long career mode, something like 30-50 years, and make it possible so that if someone wants they have to start off with a crap/created team and make their way to the top division in their country, and you can get offers from various clubs as you go along, etc etc.
-Having cinematics for hwen you buy a player, showing them at the media conference, shakeing hands with the manager, etc etc.
-Have players getting unhappy if they don't play so they then wanna get transfered, and have international cups, and the ability to manage a NT and take them through the various international cups
-Have REAL money, no points system, that's just crap.
And for now, that's all, tho i may add later.


Reserve Team
if you as a manager are doing well, u should be offered the job as world cup coach, for your country, which you would chose at the start of career mode with ur name


Fan Favourite
Some idea for Career Mode

Wages: Players should be paid in a wages and we should be able to control how much they make.

Longer Career Mode: 5 Years just doesn't cut it, we need longer time to really shape and form the team that we are controlling

More Stadiums, More Leagues, More teams from Countries that don't have representative leagues in the game (rest of world)

Put practice mode INTO career mode (this was the thing that got me the most excited about the new career mode b4 I bought FIFA 2004 and have my heart broken by it not being in there)

Have other teams offering the coach contracts to be in charge of their team

Have a National team Career mode which would especially go well if a person could be the coach of a Club team and a National team, now that would be awesome!!

Have more injuries happen, not 1nce every 20 games but one usually every game. In real football some teams have up to 9 players injured at once. That would be a pain but a very fun change to the career mode since it would force coaches to change whose playing and who isn't

Make players also get sick to put more problems on selection (We want more problems in picking who we want to start!! Thats the funnest part!)

Have International callups so that some star players must go play with their NT instead of staying with the club. Also make it possible for them to be injured with their National Team

Make personal problems also come up to make things harder for the coach.

Include a youth team, or atleast make the roster sizes 40 players again and make it possible to create Youth Teamers at the beginning of the Career Mode so that instead of EA making up fake players we could use real player names and create similar real youth teamers to be on the team.

Make it possible to buy and switch players in transfer market, also make it possible for multiple player and cash deals :rockman:

Also introduce ways to get more cash such as winning a cup or getting into the Champions League or UEFA Cups.

Make a section in the Career mode menus where you can look specifically at a players fatigue level, moral level, and also make it a place where you can see their type of injury and how long they will be out. (Because its a waste of time to have to go alllll the way back across all the players attributes just so that you can see the most important thing, their fatigue, condition, and moral levels)

Also make it possible for other teams to buy, and trade players

Also randomize the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, also introduce smaller cups such as the Intertoto

Make it possible to select who you want to be captain

Give us a section to see the cups that we win

Also make the leagues more competitive and thus fun....
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