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Using CGFE changes the db (at least many parts of the tool do, like the DA editor). When you change the db, then squad files and oftentimes career files do not work. Usually Fifa asks you if you want to delete them when you start because they will not work. If you want to keep your career, you need to stick with Frosty and edit only the non-db files available there (such as kits, balls, splash screens, etc).

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When I enter Creation Master I'm having no problem editing the base game files. Is there a way I can edit the separate World Cup database? I would like to fix some of the inaccurate kits and kit numbers.


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Many retired players' face files and audio files have been removed from the game.
Not sure how i am using it wrong alan shearers face is on the game but you get an error when you try to unlock says it doesn't have the skin tone also how do you edit the world cup mode can you do it on the creation master bit aswell


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Could someone please explain how to export a boot image, then edit it (ie photoshop) then import it back into the game please? I can't seem to export it at all? Thanks

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Does anyone find the player_lodgroups yet?
Still cant find it yet:(

Regularcat said its in fifagame folder. Now I can see the folder inside data folder of the installed dir of fifa 18.

But where the hell is it on CG File explorer? I've looking for hours and still cant find it.


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Great tool. Thanks shawminator.
So....lasts teams and players i created are in editedplayersnames. And CM of CG not load this names. Someone know how solve this?


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First of all, thank you very much for this tool, excellent work. After using CF File Explorer 18, and when trying to use Fifa 18, it does not start. Does anyone have any idea about it? The same thing happens with Frosty Tool Suite. If I play the program without using any of these tools, then it runs perfect. Thank you, for the help you could give me.


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lasts teams and players i created are in editedplayersnames. And CM of CG not load this names. Someone know how solve this?
If you are using DBM to edit tables, DBM will not import/save tables with data errors. It will ignore the edited table and revert back to the default one (or crash altogether). And so those edits won't show up in either the editor or in-game.
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Non posso salvare le modifiche fatte ad esempio nei capelli, se cambio il volto di un giocatore il valore predefinito è tutto a posto, ma quando cambio i capelli rimangono quelli che aveva prima. Sai come risolvere?


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first thanks for this work
second i have i problem
after opening the CG18 it loads the files but before opening the main screen it shows an error says (Dictionary mismatch)

then click continue
when trying to enter to DA (creation center) it shows this
Capture 2.JPG

and asking me to choose the leanguge but i have no options just non as shown
and then show this error
Capture 3.JPG
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this is not a net framework problem, that's a problem of "initfs_Win32", you need the original file, otherwise the legacy directory will not be loaded...