CG File Server 16/decommissioned


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like this

27=RUS - FC Baltika Kaliningrad - Kaliningrad Arena,RUS - FC Mordovia - Mordovia Arena,RUS - FC Nizhny Novgorod - Nizhny Novgorod Stadium,RUS - FC Baltika Kaliningrad - Kaliningrad Arena,9,0,0

After I do this, the game randomly uses the first three courses. And it seems that you can only try three of them to work, and if you add more, you won't use the later ones. So I set it by round.


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Hey Pao,

Can you help me here. Multiple Specific Rounds or Tournament is not working. Everytime I assign one stadium on this mode it keeps coming the last stadium I assign, not others that I did before. How this works?

86=EURO 2020 - Allianz Arena,EURO 2020 - Arena Nationale,EURO 2020 - Baku Olympic Stadium,EURO 2020 - Estadio La Cartuja,EURO 2020 - Ferenc Puskas Arena,EURO 2020 - Hampden Park,EURO 2020 - Johan Cruijff Arena,EURO 2020 - Parken Stadium,EURO 2020 - Saint Petersburg Stadium,EURO 2020 - Stadio Olimpico,EURO 2020 - Wembley Stadium,980,,

that's my setting for the Euro 2020 tournament


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at the moment it runs ,it recognizes the team and tournaments ids but it doesn't load the selection of stadium etc that i am making...