Champions League 2004/05 - ADDICTED?!!?!


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OI OI, me n my m8 r still playin champions league 04/05 at the mo, but with a twist....

we start off by both randomly selecting a team, then we play the match with the unlockable rules of blindfolded ref and invisible wall with other special invitational matches including the other unlockables. so far we have done 701 games like this and havent got bored yet!! to make it even better, when we reach 100, 200, 300 games etc, we have a special 10 minute a half match, with all the stars of the previous 100 games.

classic games so far:

Randers 1-0 Schalke
Barcelona 2-3 Trumiense
R.Madrid 0-3 Trelleborgs
Uno Lierira 4-0 Lyon
Silkeborg 2-1 Stuttgart
National 3-2 Chelsea
Juventus 0-3 Hamkam
Bayern Munich 1-2 Orgyte
Chelsea 1-2 Tromso
Manchester Utd 0-2 West Brom
Tottenham 0-4 Orebro
Elfsborg 4-1 Real Betis
Paris SG 1-2 Randers
Utrecht 1-0 Chelsea
Dortmund 0-1 Odd Grenland
Elfsborg 4-0 Birmingham
Den Haag 5-0 Arsenal
Midjittyland 2-0 PSG
Benfica 3-0 Chelsea
Hearts 5-2 At Madrid
Inter 0-2 Southampton
At Madrid 2-6 Hibs
Atalanta 3-2 Manchester United

few shocks i think ull agree!!

ny1 else done anything anywhere near as sad as this?! lol

wot u rekon?