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Champions of England [2015-2016]


Starting XI
Mourinho has been sacked!

Fàbregas was at Barça when Guardiola left and now at Chelsea when Mourinho is sacked. Guy’s special, I’ll give him that. (H)

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Last time we had a shit league season and sacked a Portuguese manager we went on to win the cl

If only costa was blacker, called didier and had a bit more talent :p


Starting XI
Argentina should go crazy for Mourinho's signature. I don't see any big club available for Mou now and he has the players at Argentina, versatile squad + Messi.


Fan Favourite
Conte caretaker for the season would be really good, tactically poor but he will whip the shit out of the cancers in the team


In Germany there are good coaches like Tochel and Schmiz i'd like to see what they build with Chelsea money.


Team Captain
Mandieta6;3889700 said:
Who the fuck are we going to sign? Fucking Klopp went to Pool.

This man can bring a team from near relegation zone to the top as he has proven before so he'd be a good fit.