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Champions of England [2015-2016]

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Chelsea players don't need a good manager to totally turn around (see Di Matteo), pleasure of humiliating the guy they didn't like is enough. Senile probably good as they wont listen anyway

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
So how do we feel about some January transfer rumours?

Hazard -> Real
Bale -> Chelsea

Witsel -> Chelsea

Costa -> Atletico
Martinez -> Chelsea

Batshuayi -> Chelsea
Berahino -> Chelsea

Leicester raid?

And of course the re-stoking of Stones, Greizman, Teixeira stories


Starting XI
The Champions of


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
So we sold Ramires apparently. For a lot of money so it's hard to argue against the move but I kind of wish we wouldn't have. Also seems like we're getting some American kid and Pato. This is the worst transfer year I can remember.

Sir Didier Drogba

Head Official
Yeah, it's upset me. £25m to some Chinese club is what the press are reporting. Yes, in terms of a deal, it's a good one. Another coup for our expert negotiators (you know it emerged that due to a clause we got another 10m for KDB when he moved to City, and will also do so when Lukaku gets sold?). 7m profit after having him for his prime years (25-29) is pretty good.


Why are we selling him now? Sure, he doesn't fit the system Hiddink is using right now, but Hiddink is not our permanent manager. We dont need the money, he's obviously not past his best yet, he can play other positions, crucially he was one of the few who continued to work and try hard during difficult times

If a new manager came in in summer and decided he wasnt in the long term plans then sell him by all means, but really, we need to be making our squad stronger, not weaker, at this point and leaving as many options as possible for whoever takes over